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When thinking live sound gear in the city of Pittsburgh and entire region no other name comes to mind to the professionals and musicians in the area than N Stuff Music. At N Stuff our commitment to carrying a broad selection of live sound gear and having unmatched customer service has moved us to the forefront of providing live sound gear in the area. Now with our innovative online platform our product selection and services are available to anyone with access to our site.

Whether its mixers, powered speakers, PA packages, stands, wireless microphones, or practically anything related to live sound, you can find it available in our inventory. There's a huge selection and it may be daunting to many, but our website is here to help you. Once you click on each product you'll see that we have detailed descriptions and product specifications that will explain to you all you need to know about a certain product. Thus, you can locate and figure out the differences in specs between different PA speakers that you might be looking at or any other product.

At N Stuff Music we are eager to help beginners or anyone looking to assemble a live sound rig but don't quite know how to go about it. First, we would work with you to determine what size rig is appropriate for your musical and sound needs. Then, we would locate powered speakers and/or monitors that will be best suitable for the size you need. We may find that a portable PA system or other package is appropriate for you. Once you give us a budget that you're looking to spend we can assemble a mixer, the necessary cables, any microphones, stands, or monitors, and finally begin to have you on your way.

There's no place better to shop for recording gear than here at N Stuff Music. We are the go-to music store in the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding region. Our selection of recording gear surpasses even the nearby chain music stores (how is that possible?). But what really separates us is that we take a level of care and attention to customer value that no other music store does. This starts with having a set of highly skilled and personable representatives at our store. Our employees have decades of experience in their respective fields and will give you thoroughly informed information regarding our selection of recording products.

Here at N Stuff Music we are the location that the local and nearby studio engineers and sound engineers shop for all of their gear needs. Assembling a recording rig is a daunting process, especially if you don't know much about the gear and what you need. But here at N Stuff Music our representatives are glad to give you the information necessary to begin building your rig.

One of the first things you need to get started building a recording rig is the right software. Here at N Stuff you can get Pro Tools from Avid, an industry-standard in the recording world that professionals everywhere swear by. Pair this with a recording interface and you have two of the most essential tools to recording to your computer.