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Are you attempting to enter the podcast or online interview realm? If so, N Stuff Music has the audio gear that will allow you to do so with ease. You can count on finding the latest in music and audio technology at N Stuff Music because we are always making the effort to research and bring in innovations that makes musicians' and sound engineers' lives easier. USB microphones are a great way for you to connect directly to your computer with no requirement of any additional gear in the chain.

Your laptop or tablet can then become your portable studio as you hook your USB microphone into the device, pull up one of your favorite programs like Garageband, Logic Pro, or others, and in no time you'll be recording high quality audio with ease to upload to your channel or podcast site.

Podcasts, online talk shows, and interviews, have become some of the foremost means of entertainment in today's world. Whether you're in the car driving, working out, at work, or many scenarios, podcasts are a great way to pass the time. But, for those whom are inspired to start their own it can seem daunting to assemble all of the necessary gear.

Now with your USB microphone all your need is your mic, a USB cable, and your laptop or tablet device, and you're in business to begin recording. No need for an expensive interface and multiple cables for you to achieve high quality audio for podcasts and other audio recordings. You can have a legitimate mini recording rig stored in your backpack ready to go no matter where you are at so then when the inspiration hits you can capture it.

Is there a USB mic from a manufacturer we deal for that we do not currently have in stock? At N Stuff Music we will gladly special order any product from one of the companies we deal for you at no additional cost. If you're looking for assistance in microphone selection contact one of our representatives here at N Stuff Music and we will work with you to find the mic best suited for your needs.