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Don't confuse N Stuff Music for your everyday guitar store because we aren't! We have come a long way since our humble beginnings as (then) "Pianos N Stuff", when we literally sold acoustic pianos. But now N Stuff Music has emerged as an elite retailer of musical gear of all varieties including guitars, basses, amps, effects pedals, drums, recording gear, DJ equipment, live sound gear, music lessons, and rental instruments and equipment. Our live sound department has emerged as one of the main live sound equipment providers in all of Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. There are few more in-demand markets than the live sound market. This is what has led us to becoming a large dealer of both new and used live sound gear.

At N Stuff Music you will find we have a vast stock of used live sound gear available for you to choose from. If you're looking for rack mount units for live sound or recording you are at the right place. You can find preamps varying in microphone and instrument inputs, headphone amps, equalizers, noise gates, portable PA systems, line shifters, and countless other products.

It can be very difficult assembling a live sound rig, not to mention one of the most expensive endeavors to tackle. We at N Stuff Music know that as musicians or sound engineers almost all of us are working within a budget. What greater way to work on a budget then to shop used amongst a quality selection of live gear? At N Stuff Music you can be sure that you are shopping amongst quality used gear unlike the music stores who do not test their used gear and simply try to cut a profit from it. We thoroughly test all gear that enters our store as potential used items to be sure that they are fully functional and capable of providing value to future customers. This way you can guarantee that by shopping at N Stuff Music in our used department you are shopping amongst quality gear that has been priced at a very affordable rate.

You can find a vast selection of PA speakers, monitors, and power amps in our used department. If you're looking for an affordable way to assemble a PA system with monitors just check out our used department and you will find a variety of the necessary live sound gear you need available at a very affordable price.

Need help assembling the necessary parts for your live rig? No problem, we'll gladly help you! Contact us today either via our website chat, email, by phone, or at our store's location and one of our live sound experts will get you started with the essentials that you need to assemble a live sound rig whether for instruments, voice, audio, or any combination of what you might need. At N Stuff Music we are most interested in taking the time necessary to be sure we meet your needs in any way possible whether through selection, service, or affordability.