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We have a wide range of products available for all things regarding keyboards in our inventory at N Stuff Music. Whether its cases, pedals, bags, or just about anything you can be sure to find it here. When we opened doors in 1968 under the name, "Pianos N Stuff", we literally were a piano store. Though our inventory is grown, changed, and continues to do so, we have never lost sight of our original passion to sell pianos. Now we do so in the shape of keyboards and keyboard products to our clientele. Contact us today regarding any information or questions you need answered about keyboards.

No keyboard player can survive practicing or performing without a quality keyboard stand. We have a wide selection of scissor stands, double stands, and other types that will securely keep your keyboard in a playable position. For keyboardists who like to setup two different boards or a keyboard and synthesize we have double stands and column stands that will allow you to do so without being cumbersome when transporting gear.

Looking for expression pedals for your keyboard? We have expression pedals for sustainer, damper, and anything else you might need to for your keyboard. Check out our selection and you can find an affordable and durable pedal that will withstand the test of time and demanding nature of being a gigging musician.

Keyboard rigs are not finished without the right bench! Don't underestimate the importance of a comfortable bench to perform with. Comfort while sitting will enable you to play better and more efficiently without needing to worry about your comfort. Lucky for you we've got a great selection of keyboard benches to choose from.

A great way to practice if noise is an issue for neighbors, sleeping babies, or a spouse, you cannot go wrong with a good set of headphones. Many keyboards have inputs available for headphones for you to play as late at night as you need without disturbing the people around you.

Looking to take lessons? Contact us today at N Stuff Music and our lesson manager will get you set up right away with lessons with one of our brilliant keyboard instructors. Our instructors are industry professionals who have tons of experience so you can count on getting the best instruction here.

As a musician you NEED a quality case or gig bag for your keyboard. Don't be the person who thinks they are better than owning a case because you'll quickly pay for that kind of thinking. A quality case will give you piece of mind when traveling with your instrument.

For any questions regarding our keyboard accessories and inventory contact us at N Stuff Music and one of our representatives will gladly help you.