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Performing, recording, running sound, or practically any musical profession is dependent on many of the accessories that the gear involved requires. Here in this category you'll find many of the most essential accessories to perform your gear with. At N Stuff Music we take pride in carrying a thorough inventory that contains the small products that enable you to use your gear to the fullest and best of its capability. If you're not sure what accessories you might need for your gear just contact us and one of our representatives will gladly help you. Let us know what your needs are and we will return with the accessories that are going to make your life easier. You can guarantee that when you are shopping with us at N Stuff Music your needs as a customer are put first unlike many of the corporate chains who will just view you as another sales number.

We have all of the necessary power supplies, whether 9 volt, 18 volt, or others, for you to use with your keyboards, synthesizers, guitar pedals, or others. In order to give yourself multiple outlets as well as protection from power surges do yourself a favor and get a surge protector. Now you can have easy access for plugging in your amp, pedals, and other gear all into one unit while also prevent dangerous power surges and spikes that could potentially ruin your gear.

For band directors, music directors, or anyone teaching music either in a private or scholastic setting, you can find a selection of the essential accessories you need for your music studio. If you're looking for anything from clarinet mouth pieces to saxophone neck straps, marching lyres, or others, you can find it here for an amazing price at N Stuff Music.

Ear protection is one of the utmost crucial parts of the health of being a musician. Unlike instruments, amps, microphones, or any gear, you only get one set of ears ever. Protect your hearing at all costs to be sure that you get longevity out of your ears and ensure that you are performing and listening to music safely. Here at N Stuff Music we have a wide range of hearing protection whether its basic ear plugs to reduce the decibel levels or in-ear monitors. No matter what it is, something is better than nothing and you can't replace your ears or hearing. Come on down to N Stuff Music for an entire farm of instrument cables. We have ΒΌ" TRS, XLR, stereo, 1/8" audio, USB, MIDI, FireWire, Cat5, and practically any type of cable you could need. We also have patch cables for rigging guitar pedals, AC power chords, power supplies, and even make our very own N Stuff Music brand cables.

Looking for some music swag? We have apparel from many of your favorite musical brands available for purchase in addition to some classic N Stuff Music t-shirts. If you're looking for accessories we've got them here! At N Stuff Music our inventory is extremely comprehensive so that we can best serve our customers.