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It can be daunting to both find your first guitar as well as find the right guitar to add to your collection. At N Stuff Music we view it as our mission to provide the customer with the guitar that will perfectly suit wherever they are at in their musical journey. We can provide a helping hand to learn the different types of guitars, their parts, other gear required to get started, as well as have the opportunity to learn from one of our highly skilled guitar instructors in our music school here at N Stuff Music.

There are two main categories of guitars; acoustic and electric. Inside acoustic there are steel string acoustics (the most typical type of acoustic), nylon string acoustics (often considered “classical guitars”), as well as acoustic/electric guitars (a typical acoustic guitars with a pickup to be used through an amplifier or sound system). Electric guitars utilizes magnetic pickups in combination with an amplifier to produce their sound. Both acoustic and electric guitars come in countless varieties and styles each one usually tailored to a certain type of player or sound the player seeks to achieve. We carry a variety of one of the most increasing popular instruments, the Ukulele! These ukuleles range everything from a U-bass all the way up to the small soprano ukulele. We also have a selection of acoustic-electric ukuleles which provide an instrument for the ukulele performer who needs the ability to be amplified.

If you are searching for that perfect guitar amp to compliment all the abilities of your new guitar you are in luck! N Stuff Music consistently has the most sought after amps by tone seekers everywhere. For those looking for a great practice amp our selection of fender, vox, marshall, and others are terrific amps to get started. For all of those tube amp enthusiasts we carry the full line of Fender tube amps such as the 68 silverface reissue amps, hot rod series amps, 65 blackface reissue amps, and many others including the iconic British made amps, Marshall and Vox. Also, for the players looking to find some of the more specialized premier amp makers we have Bogner, Supro, Mesa/Boogie, Friedman, and 3rd Power amps all proving to be some of the most innovative amp makers in the world today. We view it as our duty to provide the perfect amps to compliment the amazing selection of guitars on the market today.

Trying to find those pedals that will enhance your guitar possibilities? Look no further! At N Stuff we carry one of the largest collections of guitar pedals in the industry today. From Boss, Wampler, and Electro-Harmonix, to TC Electronic, JHS, Fulltone, and more. We carry the most popular pedals on the market as well as constantly bring in new pedals that will surely take the stage as the most innovative and exciting new pedals.

Beginning as a guitarist can be a daunting journey, but is arguably the most fun one you will ever begin! Players of all backgrounds and levels of skill can find the gear specific to their musical endeavor here at N Stuff Music. We also have the privilege of having several brilliant guitar instructors whom offer lessons to players of all ages and ranges and have developed guitarists all the way from those willing to learn, to gigging and touring professionals across the world. We cannot thank you enough for your interest and support in N Stuff Music!