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For all of your microphone gear needs N Stuff Music is the best place to shop. Not only do we have a wide selection of product inventory our customer service is unmatched. Despite N Stuff being a family-owned business our store is filled with professionals in their fields. When working with our representatives in the audio department you are talking with experts who know the ins and outs of the products we carry and their uses in the industry. Building a microphone collection, studio rig, or sound rig is a daunting task, but with the guidance of our associates you can count on finding all the gear you need for your applications at an incredible price.

There are tons of microphone accessories available, and a good portion of them are essential to getting the most out of your microphone collection. First of all, you'll need clips to mount your microphones to microphone stands.

There are microphone-specific clips that pertain to certain microphones such as drum mic clips, lavalier or headset clips, and many others. At N Stuff Music we have products from DW, Audix, and others that will work perfectly for you to mount your microphone for recording or live sound reinforcement. You can never have too many microphone clips as they can easily be lost or get stepped on and broken, so be sure to get them here at N Stuff Music!

A shock mount is the answer to securely mounting any wide body microphones you are using so you won't need to worry about that expensive microphone toppling down. In order to properly route and setup your microphones for recording requires a quality set of microphones stands. When selecting microphones stands it is best to get a variety of the different styles of stands. For example, foldable tripod stands are very lightweight, convenient to travel with, easy to setup, and do a relatively decent job of containing a microphone. Though round base stands are heavier, they are sturdier for more expensive microphones and still relatively convenient to travel with.

Tired of hearing excessive wind noise in your recordings? Windscreens will be your answer to this problem. Windscreens will shield your microphones from picking up lots of that unwanted wind noise that can filter into and destroy a good recording. A windscreen paired with a shock clip and boom stand will have you able to record audio outdoors with security for your microphone as well as receiving high levels of audio quality.

No matter what microphone accessories you're looking for you can find them here at N Stuff Music. Our representatives will guide you down the right direction to finding all of the microphone accessories you need to operate efficiently and safely with your gear.