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Alexander History Lesson Delay Pedal *USED*
Used Gear$179.99
Availability: In Stock
Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 Overdrive/Fuzz Pedal *USED*
Used Gear$159.99
Availability: In Stock
Barber Half Gainer Overdrive Pedal *USED*
Used Gear$125.00
Availability: In Stock
Burns Dream Special Edition - Trans Blue *USED*
Used Gear$1399.99
Availability: In Stock
Dean EVO FTX - Trans Amber *USED*
Used Gear$139.99
Availability: In Stock
Diamond Decada 100 Watt Guitar Head - Black *USED*
Used Gear$1999.99
Availability: In Stock
DiMarzio DLX Plus Bridge and Virtual P90 Pickup Set *USED*
Used Gear$85.00
Availability: In Stock
Epiphone Regent 30 - 30 Watt 4x5" Acoustic Guitar Combo - Cream *USED*
Used Gear$65.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Fender Acousticsonic Jr. - 80 Watt 2x8" Guitar Combo - Brown *USED*
Used Gear$179.99
Availability: In Stock
Fender DG-11 - Sunburst *USED*
Used Gear$99.99
Availability: In Stock
Fender FSR Blues Junior III Woody - 15 Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo - Butterscotch Blonde *USED*
Used Gear$849.99
Availability: In Stock
Fender Pro Tube Series Evil Twin 100 Watt 2x12" Guitar Combo - Black *USED*
Used Gear$599.99
Availability: In Stock

At N Stuff Music our used department is one of the largest in the entire region. We sell lots of used gear ranging from beginning guitars to custom shop instruments. Our used department sprung in 2004 by our very own Steve Jackson (Stevie-J). Since then the used department here at N Stuff Music has blossomed into a go-to store for used gear. Steve manages all gear that is traded in or consigned through our used department and he pays very careful attention to be sure that this gear is in great shape and fully ready to be used long-term by a customer. Our selection of Used Guitars is second to none in the entire region. Guitarists looking for used gear will find a wide variety of affordable deals all the way from beginning gear up to custom shop acoustic and electric guitars.

Our used guitar category has everything used that is related to the guitar from pedals and amps all the way to all types of guitars. All used gear that comes to N Stuff Music whether it is in the form of a trade-in, consignment, or previous owned is fully inspected upon its arrival. We will setup and test the gear being sure that every option and knob works properly and is capable of being resold.

Through our used department at N Stuff Music we try to carry a variety of gear that will appeal to a wide range of customers. In our used guitar section you can find Yamaha and Fender guitars that provide a reliable and affordable option for a guitar. You can also find Suhrs, Fender Custom Shop, and a wide variety of other high-end pieces of gear that will surely peak your interest and be at a terrific price for purchase.

Why purchase used gear? Used gear is a great way to buy if you’re on a budget, looking for something durable, or you are just looking for a great deal on a piece of gear. Practically any guitar can be purchased used and if it’s being sold at N Stuff Music you can guarantee that it is still in great shape to be played.

Are you in search for a new amp? No problem, N Stuff Music has got you covered! We have a great selection of used guitar amps whether they are solid state, tube, or any type of amp. We also have a variety of used effects pedals including overdrive, distortion, delay, modulation, time-based, or expression. Purchasing a used amp or effects pedal will allow you to save lots from what you might spend for one new.

At N Stuff Music we except trade-ins and consignment. Both of these offer a great chance for you to get money for your gear quickly so you can purchase what it is you want next or save. Consignment allows you to sell your gear through N Stuff Music as opposed to a trade-in where you just get a determined amount for your gear right away. If you consign through us your listing will be posted on our shop and professional photographs will be taken of it by our website photographer so it can looks its best and sell quickly.

For one of the best selections of used gear contact us today at N Stuff Music.

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