Acoustic Treatments

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Auralex LENRD Bass Trap
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Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads (2 Pair)
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Auralex T'Fusor 3D Sound Diffusor
N Stuff Price$64.99
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Auralex Tubetak Pro Liquid Foam Adhesive
N Stuff Price$9.99
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Auralex VersaTile 4 Sq. Ft. Sound Absorption Panel - Charcoal
N Stuff Price$19.16
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A good quality sound starts with the right space. Have you ever taken your guitar in the bathroom and noticed the unusually good sound? It may sound funny, but try it and you’ll notice! The walls are positioned in close enough proximity that you get a nicely balanced sound that projects from the walls back to you. But then you have extremes like a marble laced room you might be playing for a corporate event. Next thing you know it sounds as if you’re playing in a washing machine. In order to record and achieve the best sound possible it requires acoustic treatment to your studio, theater, or auditorium. Here at N Stuff Music we have acoustic treatment products available so that you can have the ideal recording space.

Unwanted and unpleasant reverberation, external sound, or noise can ruin any type of recording at an instant. In order to prevent this you need sound absorption paneling. At N Stuff Music we have sound absorption that will take your tracking room, rehearsal space, or venue to the next level with high quality audio. No longer will it feel like you have to play in a washing machine of sound. Now you can enjoy recording in an acoustically treated space that doesn’t have booming frequencies or tons of unwanted noise.

Looking to trap those booming and excessive low bass frequencies? We have foam bass paneling that will trap that excessive low-end node in order to give you a more focused and pure sounding bottom end. We also have sound diffusers available that will enable you to eliminate all of that unwanted sound so you’re recording room can enable instruments to have the purest sound possible. We also have foam adhesive available to so that you when you pick up your sound paneling we have all of the necessary things for you to install your sound proofing right away.

N Stuff Music offers a variety of installation services if you need sound equipment, lighting, acoustic treatment, and others. If you are looking to install sound, lighting, acoustic treatment, or any combination of them you may be interested in one of our installment packages. This entails a task force of our highly capable employees assessing your installation situation and coordinating with you to see what you’re looking for in regards to install.

For more information regarding the variety of services and products we offer contact us today!

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