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N Stuff Music is one of the premier dealers in the Pittsburgh and tri state area for guitar effects pedals. Whether it is overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, looping, or any multitude of effects, we have it here at N Stuff Music. In a technologically advancing world guitar effects are consistently being made with a variety of interesting new features and functions that have turned all of us into pedal addicts. At N Stuff Music we carry a great mix of name brand pedals like Boss, TC Electronic, Wampler, Fulltone, among others, all which represent the most reliable and pure sounding effects in the guitar industry. In addition to name brand pedals we have boutique lines of pedals that represent lots of what you will not see at a corporate store so you can count on coming to N Stuff Music to get to see and play through a variety of guitar effects.

There are several types of effect pedals categories that we should define to get you started on your search…

Overdrive/Boost/Distortion: These pedals all add different elements of crunch and drive to a guitar signal. A boost will add the least amount of actual “drive” to a signal and is typically meant to boost a guitar’s signal in a volume sense but can often aid in pushing a good tube amp into the realm of natural overdrive. An overdrive is a notch above the boost. Overdrives do have some elements of the boost in terms of being able to boost a signal and push an amp, but they will add more drive to the signal and will color the tone a little more than a boost will. Distortion is where the screaming guitar tone starts to happen. Distortion is meant to be gain added to a signal giving it anything from that classic rock crunch to screaming heavy leads. Distortion will take a totally clean signal from a guitar amp and turn it into distorted, crunch mayhem.

Time-based effects: Time-based effects include three of the absolute most common effects, delay, reverb, and echo. Delay and echo are basically the same, but clearly stated echo is basically a subset of delay effects. Delay can range through many types of delays and one of them would be an echo. Echo pedals produce just the echo-based delay effect. Delay ranges from short and rapid delays to elongated and spacious delays; sometimes delay is combined with modulation in a pedal to create a unique and ethereal sound.

Modulation: Modulation effects are based around slightly altering or adding a character to the pitch that is coming through the pedal. Time-based effects do not alter the pitch in any way and simply make repeats of the signal whereas a modulation effect will alter the pitch slightly, add a second pitch (octaver or harmonizer), or they will add movement to the pitch. The most common of modulation pedals are chorus, flanger, and phaser. Each one of these adds a different coloration and alteration to the pitch of the signal coming through the pedal.

There are other types that do not fit into a typical category such as wah pedals, loopers, volume pedals and others. But for any information on effects and what an effect’s purpose is do not hesitate to contact us at N Stuff Music and we will happily inform you and have you well on your way to a thorough understanding of these pedals.