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In today's increasing technological world software has become an essential part to the music making experience. With an assortment of programs and plug-ins available to be used we have taken our part in distributing the plethora of music technology products that are available on the market. Music software exists on everything from recording programs and DAWs, to DJ mixing, front of house, sampling, and practically anything you can imagine. The shape of the music world has shifted into this direction and as a result we at N Stuff Music have adapted ourselves accordingly. Now for all of your music technology software and plug-ins needs we've got you covered at N Stuff Music.

Whether you're a composer, audio engineer, DJ, or any type of sound creation, DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) are what the world has moved to. Now you can tailor your sound, edit, record, mix, and do everything you need with a DAW on your computer. Inside DAWs you can also store virtual instruments and sounds and create music with these patches without needing to record actual instruments.

Let's talk about how you might use this. If you're a composer looking to write for a video, commercial, short film, or any situation, you can now compose a song completely with your DAW and virtual instruments that can work as a skeleton or full recording to send to companies for review. Now you can hold off on spending the budget to bring in musicians and other engineers to record a song for submission until getting the gig to write.

Although it might bring some chagrin to many of us, virtual instruments have become incredibly advanced and sound somewhat comparable to real instruments. Products such as Garritan Sound Library feature countless virtual instruments that can be used with notation programs to play digital scores and parts. You can use this with Finale, Sibelius, or any preferred notation program and get a reasonable sense of what the music sounds like on digital instruments For college, university, and high school music departments we have all of the necessary sound programs you need for your department. Garritan will give you countless orchestral samples for digital replication or orchestral instrument sound. T-RackS 3 Standard Mixing and Mastering Suite is a high-end program for students to begin learning the mixing and mastering process so they can develop the skills to compete in the competitive musical world.

Any questions you have regarding music software our representatives will gladly answer for you. Our employees in music technology are musicians and sound engineers by trade and know the ins and outs of the products we carry. After talking with us you'll feel fully capable to begin doing it yourself!

Contact us via our website chat, by email, over the phone, or in person at our store's location. Our customer service cannot be matched by the corporate chains so do yourself a favor and pay us a visit. For the best in product selection and customer value shop at N Stuff Music.