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SKB 1SKB-1912U - 19" 12U Space Rack Case
Availability: In Stock
SKB 1SKB-R10U - 10U Space Roto Rack Case
Availability: In Stock
SKB 1SKB-R12U - 12U Space Roto Rack Case
Availability: In Stock
SKB 1SKB-R6U - 6U Roto Rack Case
Availability: In Stock
SKB 1SKB-R8U - 8U Space Roto Rack Case
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Auto-Mate/DMX - Mini DMX Controller
Availability: In Stock
American DJ B6R LED Red Police Beacon Light
Availability: In Stock
American DJ DMX-Solo - DMX Controller
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Double Phase LED Mirror Effect Lighting Fixture
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Electra LED - Moonflower Lighting Effect
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Gobo Motion LED Multiple Effects Lighting
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Jellyfish IR - Unique Moonflower Effect Fixture
Availability: In Stock

Looking for an affordable selection of quality musical gear? You’re at the right place. At N Stuff Music we have a selection of clearance gear that is both comprehensive and affordable. As a musician (or practically any profession) it can feel like there is a constant need to budget. But budgeting when shopping for musical gear seems to be increasingly more difficult. However, at N Stuff Music you’ll find we have an assortment of clearance gear that is priced affordably to give our clients a viable way of getting quality and affordable gear. Contact us today regarding any information on what’s available on clearance and special deals on gear.

If you’re wondering what exactly makes the cut for a clearance section let’s discuss that.

Products that are discontinued or that we no longer deal but still have in stock will get placed into our clearance category. This allows us as the retailer to separate in our systems and our inventory what products are still being manufactured and that we are dealing and which ones are not. Companies and manufacturers are constantly changing as well as their products so it is only natural that items be discontinued or enhanced with newer versions or editions.

Clearance is the ability for us to show gear that we still have in stock and are looking to make a deal and provide special pricing on. If you see a product in clearance that you would like to purchase feel free to make us a deal on it and we will see what we can do for you. Remember to always differentiate clearance gear from used gear, clearance is never used or even open-box, it is simply new gear that we still have in stock upon the product or version being discontinued or us no longer carrying it.

Want to be kept abreast of what gear is on clearance to make us on a deal on? Visiting this category is the way to do so. Our website inventory is updated countless times every day so just return to this category to see the latest in what’s been added to our clearance section.

At N Stuff Music you can find a wide variety of products available with great prices in our clearance section. No matter if its instruments, sound gear, amplifiers, or others, any type of gear can be found listed in clearance in our inventory. For the ultimate in customer service and product selection you cannot go wrong with shopping at N Stuff Music.

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