Ludwig Zep L8264LX Vistalite 5-Piece Drum Set - Amber

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High-volume live performance where projection over loud instruments is paramount. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal.

Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums make a solid sonic and visual statement in live concert performance. Manufactured under strict guidelines to retain shell integrity, today's Vistalite delivers pure, round tone through a fully-stabilized shell and dual reinforced seams; without succumbing to the cracking that plagued the kits of yesterday. Vistalite drums feature the popular '70's vintage blue/olive badges.

Lay down the "Hammer of the Gods" sound on this Amber Zep Set.

-6.5"x14" LM403 Supraphonic Snare
-10"x14" LT904V Tom
-16"x16" LF966V Floor Tom
-16"x18" LF968V Floor Tom
-14"x26" LB946V Bass Drum

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