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The RH2050 Remote Hi-Hat’s low-friction cable produces smooth, lag-free performance with the lightning-fast action of the PosiLink Twin Cam drive system. Fast, natural-feeling cymbal play is finally accessible virtually anywhere on the kit, or to facilitate multiple hi-hat system setups.

Supergrip Clutch:
The RH2050 features our SuperGrip Clutch. This clutch system uses a larger surface area with 360 degrees of grip tha provides vice like clamping force for super grip. (U.S. Patent #7326843)

Hi-Hat Seat Cup:
Our patented seat cup features a hinged platform for outstanding stability and consistent hi-hat sound. (U.S. Patent #7078606)

Swiveling Legs:
Our swivelling legs allow perfect placement by themselves or with multi-pedal set-ups.

Precision Spring Tension Dial:
Our precision Spring Tension Dial features a positive click stop designed for precise control over hi-hat tension.

PosiLink Twin Cam Drive System With Interchangeable Cams:
Our exclusive PosiLink drive system features twin double chain driven cams one of which accepts your choice of 6 interchangeable cam profiles (4 included and 2 optional) so you can customize the response from mild to wild. If you want a traditional direct drive feel, use one of the two round cam profiles. But if you dare, try the four eccentric cam profiles with varying degrees of offset for accelerated feel that you can't get from any other hi-hat on the planet! (U.S. Patent #6399866)

Traction Plate Footboard:
Like all Eliminators, the pedal has removable traction grip inserts that can be adjusted or removed to tailor the amount of grip or slip. The plate is even reversible for more choices.

Convertible Spike / Rubber Feet:
The extra large non-slip rubber feet have a push button activated spike that pops out for non-slip grip on carpet or rubber surface. A second button returns it instantly to its recessed position. (U.S. Patent #7371953)

Footboard Docking Station:
The RH2050 now features a patented (US Patent #7371952) footboard attachment system and docking station for improved stability and security during transport. The footboard is attached via a tongue and groove-type locking system that holds the stand rigidly at a perfect 90 degree angle for maximum stability. The integrated docking station clamps the footboard safely and securely during transport for maximum protection of the chain and cam system. (U.S. Patent #7371952)

PowerShifter allows the player to quickly shift the footboard to one of three playing positions. This changes the angle of the pull chain which in turn changes the overall feel of the hi-hat action.

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