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Live Band Package 3

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***All necessary cables are included. As always, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions to set up your rental gear. We can even color-code and draw you a diagram to help you out. Our goal is to make this the easiest part of your special event!

Also, keep in mind that the equipment shown is a suggestion based on our experiences, and is subject to change based on availability. If there are any changes or additions you would like to make, we will be happy to accommodate.

Live Band Package 3 is the stuff of legends!
When you're ready for this set-up, you know you've kinda made it; you're playing a large venue, friends and family are coming to see you, maybe even a couple record label exec's, and you need to look and sound your very best.
Live Band Package 3 is pushing almost 1,400 Watts to the mains, and is providing you 4 monitors with 2 separate mixes, and a basic compliment of drum mics. When you're ready, this is the package for you!

Live Band Package 3 Includes:
Mixer Mackie ProFX22v3 (1)
Speakers Yamaha DBR12 (6)
Speaker Stands USS TS-80B (2)
Sub-Woofers Electro-Voice ZxA1-Sub (2)
Vocal Microphones Shure SM58 (4)
Kick Drum Microphone Shure Beta52A (1)
Snare / Tom Microphones Shure SM57 (3)
Microphone Stands MS7701B - Regular-size Boom Stands (4)
MS7920B - Short Boom Stand (1)
Drum Mic Clamps LP 592A/N (3)

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