3rd Power Dirty Sink 6VEL 1x12" Guitar Combo - Red Tolex/Checkerboard Grill


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The Ultimate British Crunch Guitar Amp System:
The DIRTY SINK 6VEL is our new British-Crunch voiced amplifier based on the dirty channel of our flagship, Kitchen Sink 6VEL amplifier and features point-to-point turret board construction. Loaded with M6-Grade Steel transformers and an overbuilt power supply delivering 35+ watts of power available in a 32 lb. 112 grab-n-go combo or 22 lb. compact amp head.

Features include a selectable Plexi/Cascade voiced British preamp, Dual Mode 3-band cathode-follower EQ (JTM/JMP), 4-way Preamp Bias Selector, Foot-switchable preamp gain boost, Foot-switchable tube buffered effects loop, Foot-switchable lead boost, our patented Hybrid-Master, external bias test terminals with back panel adjustment control, Switchable internal cooling fan, AND the ability to run 6L6, EL34, 5881 and 6V6 and more – hand-wired in the USA and covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Plexi, Cascade Dual Mode Preamp:
The DIRTY SINK 6VEL features a tone stack voicing switch that delivers the sweeter JTM tone control voicing and balanced gain response in one position, and the more in your face JMP voicing in the other. The Plexi/Cascade switch lets you select the amount of signal gain on tap to and assigns it to the Gain control knob. Plexi Mode is where you’ll find Crisp British clean to crunch. Cascade Mode is where you’ll find scorching high gain tones. The Gain Boost switch engages even more gain sending the tone stack driver stage into clipping without compromising the overall headroom of the tone. See below for a description of each of the three individual amp voices.

Preamp Bias:
The Preamp Bias control is for players who thrive on exploring and crafting new guitar tones. Tube rolling in the preamp section will never be the same. It’s like a cheat code for tone junkies!

The Preamp Bias control features 4 bias presets that range from “cold” bias to “warm” bias. Cold biasing is a technique that reduces the amount of electrical current flowing through a tube gain stage. The lower bias, the smaller the the current – and the amplification performance of the gain stage occurs in a different portion of the tubes performance range. This can dramatically alter the tone and feel in unique and pleasing ways.

For example, it is possible to craft a tighter guitar signal with a more focussed dynamic response when running a gain stage with a lower bias current (cold bias). Conversely, it is possible to craft a fat, open guitar signal that is somewhat ambient in the way it loosens up when running a gain stage with a higher bias current (warm bias).

With the DIRTY SINK 6VEL’s Preamp Bias control, it’s possible to craft classic, open vintage British flavored tones as well as more modern, focussed higher gain tones and anything in between.

Handwired, Turret Board Construction:
The DIRTY SINK 6VEL is made by hand using FR4 board material that we source raw and drill in-house. Each turret is then hand placed and swaged to lock it into position. From there, we hand wire each trace to the back of the board prior to hand picking and installing the components and wire tails.

-British Voiced Plexi & Cascaded Preamp Section (switchable)
-Dual-mode 3-Band EQ (JTM/JMP – switchable)
-Tube Buffered FX Loop (foot-switchable)
-Preamp Gain Boost (foot-switchable)
-Preamp Bias Selector (4 position switch from cold to warm)
-HybridMaster plus foot-switchable lead boost
-6V6 (~20W) or 5881/EL34/6L6 (~35W and up) Operation
-Back-panel Bias Test Points and Adjustment Pot
-Over-sized /Overbuilt Power Transformer and Power Supply
-4 Button Pro Foot Switch & 7 Pin Cable (included)
-Hand-wired and Hand Built in Nashville, TN
-Limited Lifetime Warranty

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3rd Power

We take great pride in every instrument that we sell. We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to ensure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.
Model Name: Dirty Sink 6VEL
Output Architecture: 2x Power Tubes (Class AB), Fixed Bias< /td>
Power Output: 35W (EL34,6L6), 20W (6V6)
Plate Voltage: 120V AC input yields ~440 V DC plate voltage
Controls: Plexi/Cascade Sw, Gain, +Gain Sw, Volume, Treble, Middle, JTM/JMP Sw, Bass, Presence, HybridMaster, HM Bypass
Output Impedance: Impedance Selector (16, 8, 4 Ohms) feeds two Output Jacks
Preamp Architecture: 3x JJ ECC83S, 1x Sovtek 12AX7LPS
Case Composition: 3/4 in. Solid Pine Cabinetry, Birch Front Baffle
Weight: 33 lbs
Dimensions: 19-7/8″ (W) x 16″ (T) x 9.5″ (D)
Certification: CE Certified

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