Drum Workshop Collector's Series VLT 333 4-Piece Drum Set - Champagne Glass


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DW is The Original American Custom Drum Company:

The California Custom Shop is like no other custom drum workshop on Earth. Starting with only select, responsibly harvested woods, a variety of shells configurations are crafted to order. Choose from "Pure" wood shells such as North American Hard Rock Maple, Rotary-Cut Cherry, Heartwood Birch, Red Oak, or Hybrid Shell Collector's Series options such as Maple & Mahogany and Cherry & Mahogany. Hybrid Poplar & Maple (DW Classics), Maple & Gumwood (DW Jazz Series) are also available.

Add to that, a wide array of Grain Orientation possibilities that deliver a wider overall tonal range, enhanced low-end punch, and an unmatched selection of custom diameters and depths, to design the ultimate sonically-customized dream kit.

Pure Maple:
The most popular wood for drum making, maple is a hardwood that produces maximum resonance, projection and attack. Combined with reinforcement hoops, it can produce a more focused sound and is well suited for live and studio applications.

Grain Orientation:
The direction of the grain within a shell's composition contributes greatly to its sonic characteristics. This is the basis of DW’s patented grain orientation technology. Both long and short grain veneers have been proven to influence pitch and can be manipulated to create a wider pitch range within a set of drums and boost low-end response

Alterations in grain direction greatly influence sound. In a VLT shell, the outermost and innermost plies run vertically, rather than a traditionally horizontal configuration. The vertical grain places less tension on the shell, thus allowing it to vibrate more freely, resulting in a lower fundamental pitch. From VLT technology, 333 was born. This 9-ply VLT evolution also has no reinforcement hoops and produces a lower overall tone while still maintaining maximum resonance and attack. 333 shells are available only in Collector's Series Pure Maple

9ply 333 Maple Shells
Champagne Glass Finish Ply
Chrome Hardware
-7"x10" TT - C#
-8"x12" TT - G
-14"x16" FT - Eb
-16"x22" BD - G#

SO # 1301236

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Drum Workshop

We take great pride in every instrument that we sell. We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to insure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.
Series: Collectors
Shell Material: Maple VLT 333
Shell Thickness: 9 ply
Bearing Edge: 45° toms, 60° bass
Finish: Champagne Glass
Reinforcment Hoops: No
Hardware Color: Chrome
Tension Rods: True-Pitch 50™
Tom Hoops: DW True Hoops™
Drum Heads: Remo
Bass Drum Batter: DW Coated/Clear
Bass Drum Resonant: Black DW Logo w/vents
Tom Batter: DW Coated/Clear
Tom Resonant: DW Clear Single Ply
Bass Drum Size: 16x22
Tom Sizes: 7x10; 8x12; 14x16
Bass Drum Mount: None
Tom Mounts: Sold Separately
Cymbals or Hardware Included: No
Country Of Origin: USA
SO # 1301236

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