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You have a large collection of effects that are ready to be heard and need a strong enough platform worthy of bringing them all together. The new Waggi W28 Pedalboard is the answer - this board is truly the guitar player’s companion.

The slotted aluminum body and hinged upper tier allow you maximize real estate for your effects, power supplies, and performance essentials. When show time comes around, don’t just slap your pedals into a pile and hope for the best - the Waggi W28’s efficient design and sturdy build will clean everything up and make it easy to access across all of your sounds.

Fits Your Gear:
The Waggi W28 is specially designed for larger effect setups - built to accommodate a wide variety of third-party pedalboard components including cables, expression pedals, patch boxes and loop switchers, plus most of the power supplies needed for them to operate.

All Within Reach:
Three areas to create the perfect pedal arrangement for you: An easily accessible front deck, a spacious side deck to accommodate larger expression pedals, and a hinged upper deck that also provides extra storage underneath for power supplies, patch boxes and cables... or even more pedals!

Neat Connections:
The W28 has multiple side, rear and bottom cut-outs to allow for path connections to pass through with ease, and its integrated under-rail Tidy-Cables management system helps keep your audio and power cables neatly managed and organized.

Tough and Lightweight:
This sturdy pedalboard is constructed from durable lightweight aluminum, weighs less than seven pounds, and features a stylish stainless-steel back panel for an uncluttered audience view and comes with a padded carrying case for safe and easy transport.

Tidy Cable System:
Keep your pedalboard cables neatly managed and organized with Waggi’s ‘Tidy Cables’ management system. Just run your audio and power cables in the under-rail channels.

-Dimensions: 28 x 13.3 x 5.2 inches (71.3 x 33.8 x 13.1 cm)
-Weight: 6.9 lbs. (3.1 kg)
-Tidy Cables System: 18 Raceway sections
-2” Board Loop tape: 128 inches (325 cm)
-1” Pedal Hook tape: 64 inches (162 cm)
-Carrying case: Padded soft-side case with extra storage

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