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Clearsonic A5-4 Sound Reduction Panel System - Rental
N Stuff Rental$25.00
Availability: In Stock
ClearSonic A5-4 - 5.5' x 8' Drum Shield (4 Sections)
N Stuff Price$462.00
Availability: In Stock
ClearSonic A2466x6 - 5.5' x 2' Drum Shield (6 Sections)
N Stuff Price$693.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
ClearSonic AX2418x6 - 5.5' x 18" Drum Shield (6 Sections)
N Stuff Price$252.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. Since 1996, ClearSonic Manufacturing has been the world leading producer of transparent sound shields and portable isolation booths. At ClearSonic, we give you the choice of working directly with us or with one of our many knowledgeable dealers located throughout the world. Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution to your sound related problem and uncompromising customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact us or one of our dealers if you would like to discuss your unique sound-related needs.
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