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Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner
N Stuff Price$249.95
Furman PL-PLUS C Power Conditioner
N Stuff Price$299.95
Furman SS-6B Pro Surge Suppressor
N Stuff Price$50.00
Furman M-8Dx Power Conditioner
N Stuff Price$199.95
Furman M-8Lx Power Conditioner
N Stuff Price$149.95
Furman M-8x2 Power Conditoner
N Stuff Price$99.95
Furman Pluglock-PFP Locking Outlet Strip with Circuit Breaker
N Stuff Price$60.00
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Furman Sound has been producing high-quality, professional products since 1974. Our products fall into two expansive categories: the audio and video signal processors (on which the company was founded) and the innovative AC power conditioning and distribution products for which we are best known. Applications for these products are no longer restricted to music, but also span a wide range of markets. Our highly acclaimed CE line, established in 2001, incorporates a complete line of AC power management products specifically engineered for today's home theater systems. Additional applications for our professional audio/video products include sound reinforcement, home and professional recording, post production, broadcast systems, telecommunications, and data processing.