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Behringer FCA1616 16-Channel USB/Firewire/MIDI Audio Interface
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MOTU 828x Mk3 Firewire Audio Interface
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Need help selecting an interface? We’ve got you covered here at N Stuff Music. You’ll find our selection has a variety of connections available including USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire. Depending on what is your budget, your system, and the types of features you are looking for, we can return from your inquiry with a selection of products that best fits what your needs are. If you’re looking for affordability and convenience in a quality interface FireWire is the way to go. FireWire is connectable to many devices and can even be used with adapters to go into USB or Thunderbolt inputs.

We recommend FireWire-based recording interfaces if you’re looking for something that will give you lots of channels and good processing speed, but all for an affordable price. At N Stuff Music we fully understand the financial burden that being a musician can have. That’s why, though we carry a variety of high-end products, you can always count on finding affordable and quality gear in our inventory.

For an affordable interface with FireWire capabilities check out the Behringer FCA 1616 audio interface with USB, MIDI, and FireWire connection. With 16 in and 16 out, 24-bit quality, you’re getting plenty of inputs and quality sounding microphone preamps. In the typical Behringer character this unit is highly versatile and can be used with any of the major DAW programs. The FCA 1616 is a great interface for both studio use and live used or travel.

Our selection of interfaces rivals any of the major music stores and corporate chains you may have shopped at. But what really separates us from them is our focus on providing customer value. When ordering from N Stuff Music one person will process your order from start to finish and get to know you and the products that peak your interest. To the big box stores you’ll just be a sales number, but to use you’re a valued customer.

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