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Eastman MD305 A-Style Mandolin - Classic Satin
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Eastman MD315 F-Style Mandolin - Classic Satin
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Eastman MD505-CS A-Style Mandolin - Classic Gloss
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An instrument we must all agree is totally underserved, the mandolin. Those mandolin players are incredible! Do yourselves a favor, if you don’t know Chris Thile, Sam Bush, David Grisman, and Mike Marshall go check them out! Each of these mandolinists are some of the most impressive strummers, improvisers, and all-around musicians.

The Mandolin is a great instrument to transition to from not only the guitar but the violin as well! Being strung exactly like a violin, GDAE, the mandolin is simply held sideways, has frets, and is strummed using a pick. The mandolin does have 4-course strings meaning each of the four strings has a second string the same pitch strung directly next to it. The G and D strings both have an octave second string, whereas the A and E strings both have a unison second string. For the guitar, the mandolin is played the exact same way with frets and being strummed however there are some transitions to be made in how chords are voiced and scales all due to the different open pitches.

The Gretsch New Yorker series mandolins are a reliable and great sounding option for the player shopping for an affordable mandolin. The Gretsch G9310 utilizes solid mahogany wood giving it a wonderful acoustic tone that will only get better as the wood ages. With the inclusion of a mahogany neck the G9310 is effortless to play and gives the player the chance to have an authentic and gigable mandolin at a very friendly price point. The Eastman MD-315; this mandolin has a beautiful, natural sound with carved solid spruce.

Laminate wood and solid wood are two terms that arise all the time when discussing acoustic instruments. Laminate wood is several layers of wood that have been pressed together to make one piece. Solid wood is a single solid piece of wood with no additional layers and no pressing. Both have benefits and some drawbacks. Laminate wood is much less susceptible to alter in changes of weather and is often considered a little more durable overall than solid wood is. However, instead of being a solid piece laminate typically does not have quite as pronounced of a sound as solid wood, but this helps make instruments with laminate wood more affordable while still having a great sound. Solid wood does give a more pronounced and resonate acoustic tone and increases the acoustic value of the guitar. However, solid wood is very touchy when it comes to changes in temperature or humidity and solid wood instruments do not typically travel as well as laminate wood instruments. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but both have lots of potential to be made into great instruments.

Contact us here at N Stuff Music for all of your Mandolin questions and needs. We love to work closely with our customers and be able to find the instrument they are looking for at a friendly price. Our customers are always welcome to visit our store and try in person any mandolins in which they would like to demo. Thanks for checking us out!

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