Live Compressors and Limiters

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Behringer MDX2600 2-Channel Expander/Gate/Compressor
N Stuff Price$129.99
Availability: In Stock
dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate
N Stuff Price$149.95
Availability: In Stock
Heath and Allen iDR-8 - 16-Channel Digital Mixer
N Stuff Price$3699.00
Availability: Out Of Stock

Signal processing is an incredibly in-depth world if you’re not familiar with it. There’s an assortment of different effects and units available here at N Stuff Music that will add to your signal and enhance its capabilities and quality. With compressors and limiters you have the ability to purify your signal of much of the unwanted frequency and noise. Each of these units comes available with a variety of different effects that will serve the purpose of enhancing the quality and consistency of your signal.

Check out products such as the Behringer MDX2600. This two-channel expander, gate, and compressor will give you inaudible noise suppression, while maintaining the breadth of frequencies. You can also eliminate the excessively low and muddy frequencies as well as the high signal peaks that are intrusive in a mix. With this unit you have the ability to utilize authentic tube modeling which will allow you to achieve that beautifully low end and warmth that tube circuitry is known to create.

The dbx 266xs compressor/gate is a perfect way to smooth out brutal highs and unwanted flubbing bass frequencies to purify your signal and clean it up all while maintaining a breadth of frequencies. With the gate capabilities of this unit you can achieve an ultra-clean signal with no unwanted hum and noise.

Not sure what type of signal processor is best for what your needs? We will gladly help you out. Contact one of our representatives either on our website chat, by email, over the phone, or in person at our store’s location. Let us know what you’re looking for, your budget, and other details, and we will return with a selection of products that best fits your needs.

For the best in service and product selection you cannot go wrong with shopping at N Stuff Music. We are here to guide you in the process and also be sure you are able to properly use your gear even after purchase. With any live sound or recording questions contact us at N Stuff Music today!

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