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Electronic Trigger Pads

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Roland PD-8 - 8" Dual-Trigger Pad
N Stuff Price$99.99
In Stock
ddrum Red Shot Bass Drum Trigger
N Stuff Price$39.00
Out of Stock
ddrum Red Shot Tom/Snare Trigger
N Stuff Price$19.00
Out of Stock
Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
N Stuff Price$159.99
Out of Stock
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Here at N Stuff Music a large part of what we do is provide replacement parts for all types of musical instruments, amplifiers, and music technology gear. If you are looking for replacement parts for your electronic drum kit you have arrived at the right place.

As we all know, products and instruments wear out over time, it is only natural when they are used regularly by performing and practicing musicians. You can be sure that here at N Stuff Music we have replacement parts for your electronic drum set if you need them.

The first and most common part to go on an electronic drum get is the trigger. It is only natural that over time the triggers may start to wear out and become less responsive than the first couple years of use. Don't fret because we can get you replacement triggers so that you don't need to replace your entire electronic kit or even just the cymbal or drum. Instead, you can get an affordable trigger replacement so that your electronic kit will be back to functioning perfectly.

Are you hesitant to do your own trigger replacement on your drum kit? No problem, we will happily do it here at N Stuff Music for you. Maintenance is not to be taken lightly, although it is an important skill to learn how to do some basic maintenance you do not want to risk screwing up your instrument. It may result in a repair costing twice as much as it would originally cost to do. Let one of our technicians take care of it for you if you have any hesitations and we can guarantee it will be back to performing at its best.

Do you have an electronic kit that you need a replacement part for but aren't sure if we have it? No problem, just bring it into N Stuff Music and we can assess the issue for you and figure out what needs ordered and done in order to replace the part and get your kit back up and functioning.

Not only can you find that N Stuff Music is a top-notch retailer but our service department is among the best around. We love to be able to get your instruments and gear back in tip-top shape so that you can get the best possible longevity out of it. It is a large part of how we continue to provide customer value to our clientele.