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Fishman BP-100 Classic Series Upright Bass Pickup
N Stuff Price$159.95
Availability: In Stock
Fishman M-100 Classic Series Mandolin Pickup
N Stuff Price$149.95
Availability: In Stock
Fishman PRO-MAK-NFV Matrix Infinity VT Pickup and Preamp System (Ukulele)
N Stuff Price$159.99
Availability: In Stock
Fishman PRO-REP-BAN Classic Series Banjo Pickup
N Stuff Price$189.95
Availability: In Stock
Fishman PRO-V10-0VI - V-100 Classic Series Violin/Viola Pickup
N Stuff Price$99.95
Availability: In Stock
Fishman PRO-V20-0VI - V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup
N Stuff Price$139.95
Availability: Out Of Stock

Do you have a non-guitar instrument that you’d like to be able to amplify? Good news for you, N Stuff Music carries the products necessary for you to do so. Any string instrument can be amplified as long as there is some sort of pickup to change the oscillation of the instrument’s string into an electrical current. This goes for guitars, mandolins, violins, banjos, cellos, you name it!

First let’s briefly discuss how a pickup operates so that you are informed on what occurs to allow you to amplify the instrument.

The way pickups work is in essentially the exact same way that a microphone operates. The vibration of the instrument’s string is translated into an electrical signal via the pickups. Then the signal travels into the circuitry of the instrument, through the instrument cable, and into the amplifier, mixer, PA system, or whatever it is that is being used to amplify the sound. Thus, by turning the vibration into a signal the pickup reserves much of the responsibility of creating the instrument’s resulted tone.

Fishman, one of the leaders in the world of acoustic instrument electronics, has produced a series of high-quality pickups for various string instrument. Check out the Fishman Classic Series pickups for Upright Bass, Mandolin, banjo, and violin or viola. In typical Fishman style these pickups are a great recreation of your instrument’s natural acoustic sound into an electrical signal.

These pickups open up terrific possibility in the realm of typically non acoustic instruments. This way you can perform your banjo, mandolin, or violin/viola live in front of an audience with amplification. We all know it can be very difficult to perform an acoustic instrument live when you are forced to play into a microphone. It can be quite awkward to arrange yourself physically to perform in front of a microphone so that you are receiving proper amplification. But with an instrument pickup you will be able to move freely and not have to stand uncomfortably in front of a microphone. Then all you need to perform is a ¼ inch instrument cable to plug into your instrument.

Now you can perform with your folk, bluegrass, or Americana band live at any bar or club without needing to worry about there being a microphone to mic your instrument for the band. Instead you can plug into the mixer, PA system, or amplifier to mix perfectly with your band and focus more on putting your energy in the music and the moment.

Contact us at N Stuff Music today for any questions or needs regarding other instrument pickups. We have customer service that is practically second to none and pride ourselves in our mission of providing the optimum value for the customer. Our employees are experts in knowing the gear that exists in the industry and can guide you down the road of fulfilling your own musical needs.

We welcome our customers or potential customers to come into our store’s location and try all of our products. Feel free to take the time necessary to determine what products are going to be right for you. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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