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Squier Bronco Bass - Torino Red
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Ibanez GSRM20 miKro - Starlight Blue
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Ibanez GSRM20 miKro - Brown Sunburst
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Squier Bronco Bass - Black
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It can be difficult to get kids and younger students started on the bass due to the increase scale length and body size of a bass guitar in comparison to an electric guitar. At N Stuff Music we find it crucial to carry short scale instruments as a way to introduce and welcome the possibility of young students getting started as soon as they realize their musical drive within. We carry both the Ibanez GSR series and Squier Bronco series in short scale versions. Both of these series of basses have proven to be popular, reliable, and affordable short scale bass guitars which have proven to help countless developing bassists as they begin the journey.

N Stuff Music is the perfect place for a budding bass guitarist to find the bass that is both sonically and physically the perfect fit. We have terrific guitar and bass instructors that have developed many excellent bass players from the very first lesson to honing the skills necessary for being a professional player. Feel free to contact us with any bass, instrument, instruction, or other questions you may have as we are happy to talk to you.

The instrument that brings all of the musical elements together? Undeniably, the bass. Since the mid-20th century the forefront of swing, groove, shuffle, and growl has been built by bass guitars. Although it may seem that bassists and basses alike do not get their do, the heart and soul of music would be completely absent without the bass. Selecting a bass is one of the most sonically crucial instrument decisions to make. Each bass is made in a particularly unique way to effectively provide the warm blanket-like groove that only a bass can create. Whether it be a jazz, rock, metal, fretless, reggae, or funk, finding the perfect bass for you is the utmost important.

The first bass guitar was designed in the 1930s. It was pitched lower than the electric guitar but meant to be played much the same way and the most common setup, the four string bass guitar, is the exact same as the lowest four strings on a guitar, EADG. The great Leo Fender quickly was the first to mass produce the electric bass guitar in which it quickly began to set the standard for electric basses for decades and nearly centuries to come.

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