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There is no better place to begin assembling a quality lighting rig than here at N Stuff Music. We have a selection that will outdo any other merchant in Pittsburgh or the surrounding region. But what really makes N Stuff Music stand apart is the inclusion of our brilliant used department. You'll find that our used department is extremely comprehensive and even extends to lights and other lighting products. If you're looking for used lights, controllers, or anything regarding lights you have arrived at the right place.

In this category you can find some of the essential products that enable you to run your light rig and have it be fully functioning. For example, you might find a used lighting controller. A DMX lighting controller will work along with DMX lights to allow you to control in your hands your entire lighting rig with multiple channels. You will also be able to store banks of scenes that are programmable and will making switching between settings significantly easier.

You may also find switch packs that will work to allow you to switch numbers of effects lights on and off. With these effects packs you can then daisy chain them and control up to hundreds of lights on/off at the touch of your controller.

And what's best about buying used? Well, at N Stuff Music when you are purchasing used you are getting a high quality product in addition to affordability. When a piece of potential used gear comes into our store we test and inspect it thoroughly to be sure that it is fully functional and able to provide an abundance of value to its future customer. We always price our used gear affordably in order to give those who are looking to budget for their gear a viable option as opposed to buying new.

Not sure how to begin building a lighting rig? No problem, several of our representatives are lighting experts and have built lighting rigs for decades. Simply chat with us online, email us, call us, or visit us at our store's location and we are glad to answer any questions you might have and get you started.

For the best in used inventory selection and customer service contact us today at N Stuff Music. We are a go-to lighting provider for clients all over western Pennsylvania and the region. With our innovative online platform now customers from all over are able to obtain the services and products that we offer.