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If you're beginning to assemble a DJ rig to begin your journey as a DJ or you're just looking for affordable options of equipment we can surely take care of you in our new or used inventory. Used inventory is an excellent way to shop if you are in the beginning stages of DJ'ing or you are just looking for affordable options for assembling your rig. Check out our used turntable selection to find reputable and reliable choices for quality DJ turntables. You cannot go wrong when purchasing from N Stuff Music because you can guarantee that if it is in our used department it is a quality piece of gear and will be priced with customer value in mind.

Amongst our used inventory we try to consistently carry used DJ gear because we know how popular it is and the large market that is looking for affordable options of DJ gear. For customers who are pursuing an interest in DJ work it can be daunting to see the vast products that exist and the gear involved. The fundamental piece of gear you will need is a good turntable. Turntables are what allow you to mix the music and beats much like the old actual record turntables. But with today's digital turntables you have seemingly endless capabilities like setting playlists, adding loops and effects, volume swells and fades, and many others. It is important to determine if you are looking for a belt or direct drive style turntable which is largely dependent on if you are looking for something more classic or modern.

When purchasing used however you get the benefit of buying affordably. When a piece of a potential used gear comes into N stuff Music it is thoroughly tested and inspected to be sure it meets our standard of quality and will undoubtedly function for its future customer. We aren't like other music stores in bringing in tons of used gear regardless of how well it works just to turn a profit on.

Used DJ gear is highly in demand due to it being an affordable option for very popular DJ products that can be very expensive. If you see something in our used DJ section that appeals to you it is best to inquire or act quickly because it doesn't last very long.

We are eager to show you new or used DJ products that will fit your budget in our inventory. At N Stuff Music we strive in providing a variety of gear that spans all price ranges so the beginner and gigging expert both have options to choose from at their respective price range.

For the best in product inventory, used inventory, and customer service you cannot beat N Stuff Music. Contact one of our DJ experts today and we will gladly show you our widespread inventory and cater your search to your musical needs.