Acoustic Basses

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Fender CB-60SCE - Natural
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Fender Kingman Bass SCE - Natural
N Stuff Price$599.99
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Ibanez PCBE12MH - Open Pore Natural
N Stuff Price$249.99
Availability: In Stock
Kala U-Bass Rumbler - Natural
N Stuff Price$359.99
Availability: In Stock
Kala U-Bass Solid Mahogany - Natural
N Stuff Price$559.99
Availability: In Stock
Taylor GS Mini-e Bass - Natural
N Stuff Price$699.00
Availability: In Stock
Ibanez AEB10E - Dark Violin Sunburst High Gloss
N Stuff Price$399.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

Acoustic basses offer portability and a unique but useful option to bassists in need of a bass that can be reliable in a variety of settings and perform at a high level in low volumes. Acoustic basses help meet what can often be a difficult struggle between an electric bass guitar and an acoustic guitar. An acoustic bass guitar solves this problem by having the same naturally rounded frequencies so as not to be too pronounced on the low end. This allows the other members in an acoustic setting whether it be a singer, guitarist, or other instruments to not be overshadowed and instead have a bass that purely enhances the acoustic quality of the music.

For acoustic basses with great electronics and pronounced acoustics look in the Fender Kingman bass and Fender CB instruments. These Fenders offer a responsive and resonant acoustic sound while having authentic sounding electronics that enable these basses to be used on a variety of stages and settings. By utilizing solid tops these basses have an especially punchy acoustic sound and enhances the ability for the top to vibrate and transmit an even more effective sound into the pickup system. Made much like acoustic guitars, they feature very similar woods such as spruce, mahogany and laminate mahogany, maple, and rosewood. Check out Ibanez acoustic bass guitars for their unique finishes and styles with continually enhanced electronics that provide for a great stage sound while maintaining the truth of a resonant acoustic sound.

Taylor Guitars offers the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass which utilizes a shorter scale to provide more playability and portability while also giving a great option to a younger bassist who wants an acoustic instrument that is suitable to their size. The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass also features Sitka Spruce for the top and Layered Sapele for the body. We also have the opportunity to carry Kala U-basses (ukulele bass) providing those interested in learning the U-bass a top-notch and reliable instrument that sounds great and has electronic capabilities. Check out the Takamine EGB2S-N for another option in an acoustic bass with quality wood and professional pickup system for both stage performance and recording use.

Finally bassists can do like guitar players and sit around a camp fire, outside on the porch, and enjoy full sound and playability. Acoustic basses enable bassists to take a different approach to the bass and find themselves approaching the instrument in a unique way and building a player’s touch and sensibility of the instrument.

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