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Used DJ Mixers

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It is no secret that building a DJ rig is an expensive endeavor. This is why we at N Stuff Music have a large used department; we recognize the need for many to shop on a budget and thus we have a wide range of used inventory that is very affordable. But in today's music climate and social scenes there is lots of work for DJs. DJs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region know that N Stuff Music is the best stop for them to get the DJ gear that they need. At N Stuff Music we are not merely an instrument store. Instead, you'll be glad to find we have one of the largest DJ departments around with sales engineers who have been professional DJs for years and in a variety of venues and circumstances.

We try to carry the necessary DJ products in our used inventory as it comes in. You can often find turntables, software controllers, headphones, and all of the necessary DJ gear that you might be able to find at a friendly used price.

Looking for a DJ mixer at a great price for your live rig? You're at the right place. At N Stuff Music we strive to keep an inventory of the essential pieces of gear for musicians and DJs. Used DJ equipment is very popular due to the high demand. So if you see a piece of gear that you would like be sure to pick it up quickly because it doesn't last in our inventory long! Buying used from N Stuff Music is very different from what you might experience when purchasing used at other places. We thoroughly inspect and test every piece of potential used gear that enters our store to be sure that it will provide value to future customers.

Are you looking to sell or get rid of your used gear? At N Stuff Music we consign and offer trade-in value for used gear. With consignments essentially you sell it through our store in which we work with you to determine a reasonable price for both you and the future customer. Then upon us accepting it your listing will be on reverb.com, eBay, our website, and also on our used department floor. This way you can be sure your instrument is getting plenty of exposure.

For the best selection in used lighting gear to allow you to shop affordably visit us at N Stuff Music. You cannot go wrong with the affordability and quality of the used gear that we carry in our inventory. Our customer service is second to none and match it with your inventory and you'll realize why we are a force to be reckoned with.