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Numark D2 DIrector USB Hard Drive DJ Media Player *USED*
Used Gear$249.99
In Stock
Numark DDS80 Professional Media & CD Player *USED*
Used Gear$229.99
In Stock
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We are not merely a guitar shop, instead N Stuff Music has become a go-to store for instruments, amplifiers, PA gear, DJ gear, rental equipment, lighting, and recording gear, among others. DJs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region know that N Stuff Music is the main stop for all of their gear needs whether new or used. DJ media players are an essential in the musical climate and DJ world today since they allow you to store mp3s and other audio files in the player itself and also be your turntable to mix beats, add samples, create loops, trigger sounds, and a variety of other features.

In today's musical climate the need for convenience is constantly increasing. With media players you no longer need to carry around CDs or some external device to store media along with your turntable. Now you can have a media storage and turntable device all-in-one that allows you to pack conveniently and still DJ at the high level you are hoping to.

Be sure when selecting a media player that it has features that will sufficiently cover what you are looking for in the product. Many of these are available with QWERTY keyboards on their screens that enable the DJ to quickly search for tracks. Select one with a jog wheel that is comfortable to your touch and will enhance the ease of mixing. Take advantage of performance pads that allow you to program sounds to further color the beats and character of the tracks in a fully customizable way.

By purchasing used you are received a quality media player but at a much reduced price compared to a brand new one. However, this has made used DJ media players a very popular market amongst DJs because of their affordability. Though we try to consistently have them in used stock, they go quickly so act fast if you see one you are interested in!

Being able to do all this within a media player is a terrific innovation that technology has garnered. It is more convenient than ever to be able to load all of your songs and store them in the same piece of gear that you can also turn, mix, and trigger with.

No one in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding region can rival our vast selection of used inventory. Pair this with our untouchable customer service and you'll realize why N Stuff Music is the go-to stop for so many DJs and musicians.