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Used Racks and Cases

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Gator 18"x22" Mixer Case *USED*
Used Gear$69.99
In Stock
Gator 24"x36" ATA Mixer Case *USED*
Used Gear$179.99
In Stock
Gator GK-88 Lightweight 88-Key Keyboard Case *USED*
Used Gear$149.99
In Stock
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As part of any good live rig you want to make sure you have a quality set of racks and cases for your gear to keep it safe and secure so you can travel from gig to gig with no problems. For an affordable option for racks and cases check out our used inventory. A live rig, like instruments is an investment. Once you begin assembling one you have speakers of high value, an expensive mixer, and assortments of preamps, rack effects, power amps, and tons of other gear, all that needs to be protected when you are at a gig. For the best protection be sure to get racks and cases for your gear. If you want a cheap option for racks and cases just check out our selection here at the used department at N Stuff Music and you will find what you are looking for.

When purchasing used from N Stuff Music you can be sure you are receiving both quality and affordability. When potential used gear comes into our store before we decide to put it in our inventory it gets tested and inspected from head to toe to be sure that it functions perfectly and is in good condition to meet our standard of quality for our used department.

If you decided to purchase a rack for your gear be sure that your gear will fit comfortably and be secure inside of the rack. This will enhance the stability of your gear and give you more peace of mind while performing, recording, or running sound for gigs.

At N Stuff Music we are also interested in your used gear. We offer consignments as well as trade-ins. Trade-in your gear towards something else you are looking to purchase and we will give you a quick and hefty discount off of your new purchase. Consign and we will put your gear up on our website, reverb.com, eBay, and it will be on our floor for others to purchase. This is a great way to get a good price for your used gear while also getting it sold quickly. We determine a fair price that will give the buyers interest in your gear.