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Used Power Amps

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Need a power amp for your studio or live rig? Don't worry because we've got you covered at N Stuff Music. You can find a wide range of power amps in our inventory, but we don't just limit ourselves to carrying new power amps. We fully understand the rigor of being a musician financially. It takes a huge ability to budget to live on a musician's salary. This is why at N Stuff Music we try to keep our used department well stocked with used power amps to provide an affordable option for those looking for a quality power amp to purchase.

Power amps essentially take weak current, such as that from a mixer or microphone, and make it much bigger so that it can be amplifier and move the speakers in non-powered speakers. Microphones and mixers with a weak signal are not able to power speakers and generate sound out of them. Thus, the power amp acts as the medium that allows the sound to be amplified large enough to generate sound from the speakers. An important aspect of this process from power amps is that they will do so without creating distortion or unwanted noise from the signal.

Be sure not to confuse a power amp with a powered speaker, instrument amplifier, or speaker cabinet. A powered speaker, such as a PA speaker or monitor, and an instrument amplifier both contain a power amp and speaker all in one enclosure whereas the power amp does not have a speaker. A speaker cabinet cannot be used like a PA speaker or amp, instead it is a speaker that needs a power amp in order to have sound generated from it.

At N Stuff Music you can guarantee, unlike other music stores, that when you buy from our used section you are getting a quality piece of gear. All potential used gear that comes into our store is thoroughly tested and inspected to be sure that it meets our standard of quality for selling used gear. Then we give it an affordable price to offer plenty of incentive for those looking to budget to consider purchasing used.

Used live and recording gear moves very quickly in and out of our inventory. We do our best to keep a consistent stock of it but due to high demand for live gear and recording gear it is best to keep yourself updated through this category on our site or others containing our used inventory. If you prefer you are always welcome to contact us via our website chat, email, by phone, or in person at our store's location to inquire as to what we have in stock. We will gladly update you as new things fitting what you're looking for or close to come in.