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Behringer EUROLIVE B212D - 550 Watt 1x12" Powered PA Speaker *USED*
Used Gear$179.99
In Stock
Bose L1 Model II System With Dual B1 Bass Module *USED*
Used Gear$1799.99
In Stock
QSC KSub - 1000 Watt 2x12" Powered Subwoofer *USED*
Used Gear$599.99
In Stock
Kurzweil PC3X - 88-Key Performance Controller Keyboard *USED*
Used Gear$799.99
In Stock
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It seems like it is far too often that we as musicians are being told we have to bring our own sound gear to a gig. You know how it is too, always a last minute call that club owners let you know that you need to bring your own gear. If you're like many of us you'll just decided to develop your own live sound rig whether it's just a simple PA, or rack with monitors and a full-fledged rig. We all want to shop on a budget in order to minimize spending on gear that we need only for utility. This is what makes shopping used a terrific way to get value. At N Stuff Music we have one of the most popular used departments in the entire region because of our regularly stocked used inventory. For all varieties of speakers and PA systems check out our inventory today and we can guarantee you will find something that fits your needs.

Our used speaker inventory is second to none in the Pittsburgh and greater north east region. You can find industry-standard speaker brands and models consistently in our inventory priced at affordable rates and still fully functional and able to provide longevity. Many music stores do not have anywhere near the same attention to quality when building a used inventory that we do. Instead, be sure not to confuse a power amp with a powered speaker, instrument amplifier, or speaker cabinet. Instead, most music stores are mostly interested in just collecting as much used gear as possible so they can quickly turn over a profit. But at N Stuff Music we are only interested in providing customer value which is why we thoroughly test and inspect any used gear that comes into our store.

Looking for an affordable portable PA? You can find one available in our inventory that'll be exactly what you need for parties, bar gigs, and a variety of other circumstances. Not to mention that you can also get one on a very affordable price from our used department.

Be sure when selecting what type of speaker you need that you take in consideration size and power. For example, if you play lots of smaller gigs in small restaurants, bars, and parties, you will not need something with15" drivers and tons of wattage. Instead a system like a passport or anything similar in size will meet the needs you are looking to fill while being fully portable for you. 12" speakers or 10" speakers will likely handle exactly what you will need for these types of gigs.

For those of you playing stages and needing effective speakers to get it done you can find a selection of Mackie and JBL 15" speakers that are perfect for sizable clubs and venues where you need to pump some volume with your band. Then, find a couple of speaker poles either in our used inventory or audio department and you'll be set to have killer sound for your next gig.