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Drum Workshop 9000 Series 3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand *USED*
Used Gear$199.99
Availability: In Stock
Drum Workshop DWCP5002 - 5000 Series Double Bass Pedal *USED*
Used Gear$249.99
Availability: In Stock
Misc. Universal 3-Legged Conga Stand - Black *USED*
Used Gear$29.99
Availability: In Stock

Need replacement drum hardware that you lost or broke? Doing so on a budget? Then shop used! Our used drum hardware section is a great option if these questions are applicable to you. Not only is our used gear priced affordably but we make sure it is fully functional and capable upon arrival. Drum Hardware can be difficult to maintain over time especially if you travel and perform a lot. But don’t worry, our used department offers a very affordable way for you to purchase used gear that might have broken or worn out over time. You’ll find that our used prices are highly affordable compared to new gear and that we offer plenty of incentive to purchase used. You cannot go wrong with our used selection of drum hardware.

Our drum expert always tests to be sure that the inventory that enters our used department as potential inventory is of full capacity to function properly and provide value to future customers. In our used inventory you can find used hi-hat stands, boom cymbal stands, hand drum stands, snare stands, bass drum and tom mounts, bass drum pedals (both single and double, chain or direct drive), and an assortment of other pieces of drum hardware.

When shopping in our used department you want to be sure that you keep informed as to what is currently in our inventory. Used drum gear flows in and out very quickly from our used section so you want to be sure to check our site often so something doesn’t exit our inventory before you get the chance to grab it.

Are you looking to sell your used hardware? We offer consignments as well as trade-ins for you to get rid of your used gear. With consignments we inspect your gear, then work with you to determine a fair price to sell it for so we can move it quickly for you but also provide value to both parties. Then, upon its sale we take just a small percentage of the total so you do not have to pay to a variety of different sources like if you used some type of online business. Also, when consigning at N Stuff Music we place your products on our store, website, and eBay store in order to get as much exposure as need to sell your used gear.

At N Stuff Music you can count on us having quality used products for affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with shopping at N Stuff Music so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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