Guitar Care and Maintenance

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Orange Amps VT1000 Digital Valve Tester
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Big Bends Lil Luber Ultra Nut Sauce Applicator
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Cruz Tools GrooveTech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool
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DAMPIT Guitar Humidifier
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Dunlop 101 Gel String Winder - Assorted Colors
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Dunlop 105 Gel String Winder - Assorted Colors
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Dunlop Formula No. 65 Guitar Polish and Cleaner
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Dunlop Formula No. 65 Guitar Polish and Cleaner
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Dunlop System 65 Guitar Tech Kit
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Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner
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Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit
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Fender Dual Sided Super Soft Microfiber Cloth
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In order to consistently get the highest level of performance out of your guitar it is important to take the steps required to maintain and care for your axe. Since a guitar is a true wooden instrument it is subject to the same alterations and changes that any wood is subject to. These types of alterations are often changes in humidity which can result in movement of the wood, warping and expanding, or being worn from heavy use over time. At N Stuff Music we sell an assortment of guitar care and maintenance products that will ensure the longevity and ability of your guitars.

Maintenance tools: Check out our guitar and bass muti-tools from Cruz Tools and Ibanez as well as Dunlop string winders to make the process of changing strings faster and more accurate so you can swap a fresh set of strings on your axe to reinvigorate its great sound. Many guitars including hollowbody, semi-hollow, and acoustic guitars will require humidifying during the colder months of the year typically between November and March. The dry season of the year will dry up lots of the moisture of the wood in a guitar and will then be quite susceptible to alterations and warping. In hollow and semi-hollow guitars this can often result in the top sinking slightly downward and thus a guitar with very minimal sound compared to its capabilities. In order to prevent this type of humidity change check out our variety of guitar humidifiers dedicated to maintain the proper level of humidity in the guitar during the driest months of the year to maintain the instruments health and performance ability.

In order to keep your finish clean, fingerprints off the body, clean dirt off of the strings, and anything else that may accumulate on the guitar, get yourself a handy microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are very effective at keeping the body of the guitar clean while also being gentle on the finish of the guitar. Wipe all of your guitar down with a microfiber cloth after a gig and you will get much more life out of the strings and the axe itself.

Guitar Cleaner/Polish: In order to keep your guitar’s great aesthetics at their fullest appearance check out the varieties of guitar cleaner and polish that are available to do so. Dunlop’s 65 guitar polish and cleaner will bring out your axe’s vibrant finish in a way that will have the audience’s jaw dropping. This cleaner will also do a great job of minimize the amount of dirt buildup on the body of the guitar and will make restoring it to a clean state much easier. Dunlop’s string conditioner will help ensure the playability and ease of your strings as well as ensure longer life for them.

To ensure a high-level of production from your guitars it is necessary to keep them properly cleaned and maintained. Guitars, like all instruments, are an investment. You want to be able to receive the most for your investment and ensure the longevity of your instruments. Check out our selection of guitar care and maintenance products to take these steps to properly maintain your investment. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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