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Used Keyboard Amps

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Please contact us at: [email protected] or just give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to locate the part you are looking for.
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There is no place better to shop for used keyboard gear than at N Stuff Music. Unlike many other music stores we at N Stuff Music have an entire keyboard department with several dedicated keyboard experts and sales engineers. Our keyboard engineers have established careers as performers and composers and know the ins and outs of the keyboard industry through decades of experience. At N Stuff Music you will find we consistently have a selection of used keyboard amps available for those of you who are looking for an affordable amp but one that will still maintain quality throughout its use.

Why by used from N Stuff Music? Used is a great way to obtain quality gear at a very affordable price compared to what you will pay for brand new gear. What makes us unique at N Stuff Music is that we thoroughly test all of the gear that enters our store as potential used gear to be sure that it is of its full capabilities and is able to provide continual value to future customers.

Keyboards often vary between if they prefer a keyboard specific amp or a PA monitor or speaker to play through. Both are very good options and can be found in our used department. At N Stuff Music you have the luxury of being able to demo any product you'd like to tailor your decision as best as possible. Let one of our sales engineers know what you are looking for and we will return with a selection of any of our new or used products that meet your musical and budgetary needs.

At N Stuff Music we are also interested in your used gear if you have something you are looking to sell or get rid of. We offer consignments that allow you to work with us to decide on a fair price to have your piece of gear sold at. When you consign something at N Stuff Music not only does in go into our store's used inventory but it will also be listed on our website and reverb.com so all potential N Stuff Music mediums are available to you to sell your piece of gear. Then, upon selling N Stuff Music takes just a small percentage out of the total so you are able to get a great return on the sale for your used gear.

Trade-ins are a great way for you to receive money towards your next purchase. Trade your old keyboard and we will give you a great value off of the next keyboard you are buying that will make it much more affordable.

Check out our used keyboard amp department to find a great selection of affordable keyboard amps at reasonable prices.