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Looking for affordable options on gear? N Stuff Music has got you covered. We carry B-Stock gear that is of great quality but priced affordably for our customers. Here at N Stuff Music we are always in the business of providing great deals to our customers whether in the forms of specials, used inventory, clearance, or B-stock.

First, let us decipher what exactly we mean when talking about "B-Stock" gear. B-stock covers a couple different aspects of gear. One of the most common forms of B-stock comes in the form of blemishes. If a manufacturer has products that are fully functional but gained an aesthetic blemish such as, a scratch in the finish, hairline crack, scuff, or anything that's visible in difference from A-stock, manufacturers will then often offer them to their dealers but for a more affordable price than the item would typically go being sold as new inventory to a dealer.

The best way to think of B-stock gear is to think of it as somewhere in the middle ground of brand new gear and used gear. B-stock is still being sold as new gear despite some type of usually aesthetic blemish. If you're looking to budget but still obtain a great piece of gear B-stock is one of the best ways you can go because of its new status but more affordable price being listed as B-stock.

Our B-stock may sometimes include customer returns. Depending on the condition of the return, if the return resulted in any type of aesthetic blemish the item may then be listed in our B-stock inventory. But, it is important to note that any item in B-stock is fully functional to the same level as factory A-stock, the only difference being some type of blemish.

For musicians who are constantly trying to find ways to get great gear for an affordable price shopping B-stock at N Stuff Music is a great way to go. This gives you the ability to get great gear but for a price that is discounted from factory new and A-stock gear.

If you're interested in one of our products contact one of our representatives today on our website chat, by email, over the phone, or in person at our store and we will gladly assist your instrument and gear needs. Feel free to make us an offer on a piece of B-stock gear, we are willing to work with you!