Used Guitar Accessories

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EMG DG20 David Gilmour Signature Pickup Set *USED*
Used Gear$225.00
In Stock
Head Road Case *USED*
Used Gear$99.99
In Stock
Fender Classic Series Wood Case for Mustang/Duo Sonic *USED*
Used Gear$89.99
In Stock
Sanyo Pedal Juice 9v Rechargeable Power Supply  *USED*
Used Gear$59.99
In Stock
ToneRite Play-In Enhancer For Guitar *USED*
Used Gear$65.00
In Stock
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If you are looking for affordable guitar accessories look at our used department! Our used department blossomed in 2004 by N Stuff Music's very own Steve Jackson (Stevie-J). Steve does a remarkable job managing our used department and thus it has become one of the most reputable and shopped at used departments in the entire region. Our selection of used guitar accessories is great, and will surely have something you are looking for.

Are you in the market for a set of affordable guitar pickups? No problem, we have accessories such as guitar pickups in the used department and they will be much more affordable than you would ever spend on the retail price of a new set of guitar pickups. For the best selection of used gear contact us today at N Stuff Music.

Whether it's a great set of pickups, a pedalboard, gig bag, metronome, or practically any other accessory, N Stuff Music carries an array of used accessories that will surely have what you need. Used gear provides an opportunity for musicians to receive a great price on a piece of gear and allow you to be on your way to making great music.

All used gear that comes into N Stuff Music is fully inspected and tested. This allows us to be sure that our customers are getting a good product in return unlike what you may experience when buying used from somewhere else.

At N Stuff Music we accept trade-ins and consignments alike. If you have gear that you would like to trade-in and receive money for bring it on in. We will first inspect it and test it to make sure it's fully functional and if it meets our standard you will walk out with money! Trade-ins are a great way to get money for gear that you no longer need.

For those who are looking to sell their gear on consignment we also do them as well! We will collaborate with you to determine a fair used price for your gear in which we only take a small percentage of. Our consignments are unlike any other store in that we use our extensive Reverb.com shop and professional photographer to take high quality photos and promote our used department online so you are not limited to merely the customers that walk into our used section. Instead, all of our online clientele whether it is on our website or our reverb.com store will see your consigned piece.

One of the best reasons to shop used when it comes to accessories is that they are very durable and most last a very long time especially in regards to cases and pedalboards. These will also stand the test of time and thus, by buying used you will save lots of money and still have a great piece of gear.

We welcome customers to walk on down to our used department so they can browse the wide variety of used guitars, amps, accessories and whatever else. Our employees even love to browse the used gear to see what might show up! Thanks for visiting us on our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music.