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Epiphone Electar Lap Steel *VINTAGE*
Vintage Price$795.00
In Stock
Gretsch 1950s Electromatic Lap Steel - Pearloid *VINTAGE*
Vintage Price$349.99
In Stock
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Here at N Stuff Music we have one of the most successful used departments in the entire region. Our very own employee Steve Jackson developed our used department in 2004 to cater to the vast market for used gear that you can find in the music industry today. This has developed us into a formidable dealer of used gear in which we are proud to provide affordable preowned instruments to customers that are fully capable of serving their musical needs for years to come. We have not limited our selection merely to guitar stuff, instead we have other fretted instruments available in our used section which have ranged from lap steel guitars to mandolins. For a great selection of used instruments contact us today at N Stuff Music.

Are you in the market for a banjo but don't want to pay a full sticker price? Used is a great way to go for the players who are looking to get a great deal on an instrument or purchase an instrument that may not be their main instrument but is one they'd like to own and begin to learn. At N Stuff Music we have many fretted instruments of all types come into our used department.

If you're looking for a used mandolin then N Stuff Music is the place you will want to check. We are a formidable mandolin dealer in the Pittsburgh area and also have used mandolins in our used department inventory as well. It is always great to shop used if there is an instrument you'd like to learn and own on the side of the main axe you play. But also if you're just looking for a great deal on a mandolin then preowned will give you an excellent price on a quality instrument.

We offer trade-ins as well as consignments for all of our clientele who would like to bring something in that they no longer need. Bring us a trade-in and we will test it out to be sure it is functional and you can then walk out with money for it that day. For consignments you have the unique access to our website, reverb.com site, and store inventory to sell your amp for an agreed upon price with us in which we only take a small percentage of the sale. You will find that our consignment program is a much faster way to sell than trying to sell it on your own.

For an assortment of used fretted instruments come down to our store and you will see the great array of used inventory that we have readily available for you to demo and purchase.

For one of the best selections of used gear contact us today at N Stuff Music and come to our store's location to demo any gear that you are interested in. Our used department has flourished into the best in the area and it allows us to serve customers on both the selling and buying end. At N Stuff Music we have customer service that is second to none, just check out our testimonials page! Thanks for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music.