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Fulltone MNV-3 Mini Dejavibe 3 Univibe Pedal
N Stuff Price$237.17
Availability: In Stock
Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato Pedal
N Stuff Price$299.00
Availability: In Stock
TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal
N Stuff Price$129.99
Availability: In Stock
TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Pedal
N Stuff Price$99.99
Availability: In Stock
TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor Pedal
N Stuff Price$129.99
Availability: In Stock
Truetone V3 H20 Chorus and Echo Pedal
N Stuff Price$179.95
Availability: In Stock
BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal
N Stuff Price$109.99
Availability: In Stock
BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal
N Stuff Price$99.99
Availability: In Stock
Dunlop JD4S Rotovibe Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
N Stuff Price$249.99
Availability: In Stock
Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay with Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
N Stuff Price$112.00
Availability: In Stock
MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
N Stuff Price$129.99
Availability: In Stock
Suhr Alexa Multi-Wave Dual Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
Availability: In Stock

Chorus Pedals are relatively simple in their concept, they essentially double a guitar’s signal as if two guitars are playing at once. This is what makes that incredibly cool chorus sound which creates a very resonant, warm, and full tonal character for the guitar. At N Stuff Music we have a variety of chorus pedals that will provide you with the exact chorus pedal to fill your guitar needs. Whether it is Mike Stern, Keith Richards, Jack White, or the Edge, chorus and vibrato pedals alike are known for their ability to create that Leslie speaker type sound almost as if you are playing through the real thing. This sound has created iconic tones like that on The Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”, an all-time great use of the Leslie sound.

For an affordable option of chorus pedals check out the Behringer Ultra Chorus pedal. These pedals are great for the guitarist who might be on a budget, but still wants a warm chorus sound to enhance their rig and guitar tone. TC Electronic through the creation of their Corona Chorus has created one of the singularly most popular chorus sounds in a pedal today. The Corona Chorus, like all TC Electronic pedals, has the ability to use TC’s toneprint software to download various presets and artist settings for the Corona Chorus. You can even set the toneprint to the Brian May toneprint and rip your favorite Queen solos!

Pedals such as the Boss Super Chorus pedal has become an industry standard as it provides a warm chorus sound paired with Boss’s uncanny ability to make consistently reliable and durable effects pedals.

The Source Audio Gemini Chorus has created its very own unique position in the market. Using Source Audio’s unique software you can download for free their phaser, flanger, and chorus algorithms all to your Gemini Chorus, a totally new feature exclusive to Source Audio.

Are you a huge Jimi Hendrix fan like the rest of us? Then you need to do yourself a favor and check out a Uni-Vibe pedal. The Uni-Vibe pedal with give you that authentic Hendrix-like chorus and vibrato all in one sound so you can achieve that trippy and deep sound.

Here at N Stuff Music we have one of the widest and most unique selections of pedals of any music retail store. Our selection of chorus pedals is not just limited to one or two, we believe heavily in providing a variety of options for our customers no matter what the product is. N Stuff Music also has customer service that is second to none. As a family-run business we are able to give a level of customer focus that corporate chains cannot replicate. Call us today, contact us on our website, or come into our store to inquire about any chorus pedal and we will happily inform you so you can intelligently go about making the right purchase for your musical needs.

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