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Galaxy Audio GT-V Portable Lavalier Wireless System
N Stuff Price$86.39
In Stock
Shure BLX14/CVL Wireless Lavalier System with Microphone
N Stuff Price$299.00
In Stock
Audio-Technica AT831cH Cardioid Condenser Lavalier Microphone
N Stuff Price$109.00
In Stock
Audio-Technica ATW-1101/L Stack-Mount Digital Wireless System with Lavalier
N Stuff Price$399.95
Out of Stock
Shure SLX14/85 Wireless Lavalier System with Microphone
N Stuff Price$659.00
Out of Stock
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For all things regarding microphones you can't find a better place to shop than N Stuff Music. While we are a family-owned business, our vast selection of inventory rivals even the biggest corporate chains out there. But, what separates us from those chains is the focus on customer service of the family-owned business we are. In our audio department we have a vast selection of lavalier microphones that will work perfectly for countless uses. Our audio representatives are experts in the fields of microphones, live sound, and recording, so you can count on receiving an expert's opinion and direction when shopping for microphones.

Lavalier microphones are the more utility-based microphones available on the market. It is very common to see them featured on documentaries or videos where someone is walking while interviewing or demonstrating something. If you're watching TV such as talk shows, interviews, or other live shows, if a handheld or headset microphone is not visible it is most likely that a lavalier is being used.

A huge benefit to using lavalier style microphones is that they are very minimalist in design, function, and size. It doesn't require something to be held and spoken into or an ear-piece to be wrapped on the head. Instead, you can clip a lavalier to your shirt on the collar, or buttons, and most places relatively close to your chest or neck region. Lavaliers are very inconspicuous and an audience will not even notice the microphone while enjoying the benefits of its clear and articulate amplification.

Do you enjoy watching interviews or shows on ESPN? You might wonder how analysts and players sit around a table with excellent voice projection and clarity but you don't even see the microphone. If you enjoy the Today Show or other talk shows you'll notice that no microphones are visible and yet there is still one that gives vocal amplification. These are lavalier microphones that are being used because they can be tucked underneath clothing, hit in a ball cap, and other ways that it can be disguised making it a very popular type of microphone.

Here at N Stuff Music we have lavalier microphones available from brands such as Shure, Galaxy Audio, and Audio Technica. The higher in price typically the better quality sound that is generated, by reception, or more distance from the receiver. However, there are some affordable options of lavalier microphones that are viable options for quality audio if you don't want to spend up to an elite level microphone.

If you're not sure what lavalier is best for your applications just ask one of our associates, let us know what uses you need it for and we will return with the microphones that are best suited to your needs. For more information regarding our selection of lavalier microphones contact us at N Stuff Music.