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D'Addario EJ46 Pro-Arte Nylon Core Classical Strings - Hard (29-44)
N Stuff Price$9.15
Availability: In Stock
D'Addario EJ46 Pro-Arte Nylon Core Classical Strings (3-Pack) - Hard (29-44)
N Stuff Price$25.55
Availability: In Stock
La Bella 830 Classical Folk Guitar Strings
N Stuff Price$7.99
Availability: In Stock
Savarez 520R Classical Guitar Strings (28-42)
N Stuff Price$11.49
Availability: In Stock
Martin M160 Silverplated Classical Guitar Strings - Ball End (28-43)
N Stuff Price$5.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

Need a good selection of nylon guitar strings for your favorite nylon string or classical guitars? Look no further than N Stuff Music! Our selection of nylon guitar strings is second to none in the region. Proper nylon strings are so crucial to the response and production you get from a nylon string or classical guitar.

When shopping for nylon guitar strings it is important to keep in mind just how different they are for acoustic or electric guitar strings. The gauges used for nylon guitar strings are a much smaller range between individual strings than that of steel strings for acoustic and electric guitars. In order to obtain the proper oscillation needed to produce a quality sound the high strings in a nylon string set are much thicker so the vibration can be thoroughly produced. Nylon strings are also not made to be bent in pitch unlike acoustic and electric guitar strings. Therefore, heavier gauge high strings and a small range of gauge among the set is necessary to produce the optimum sound.

For the player looking for a unique and high-quality option for nylon strings check out the Savarez 520R Classical Guitar strings. These strings are made of a rectified nylon which has proven to be very stable and ensure a balance of a warm low end and a full high end.

D’addario consistently proves their capabilities of producing great guitar strings through their D’Addario Pro-Arte Nylon Core Classical Strings. These strings, while affordable, are a hard tension string with rich tone, increased resistance, and strong protection.

As with other types of guitar string sets, lighter tension nylon strings are going to be lighter at the touch and overall a little more playable whereas heavier gauge nylon strings will be slightly more difficult to play but instead will have a large abundance of tone.

Restringing a nylon string guitar is completely different than restringing an acoustic or electric guitar. In order to learn how to do it correctly and with ease it takes lots of practice and the exact knowledge of how to do it the right way. For any maintenance you may need done on your nylon string or classical instrument we have two full-time luthiers on staff here in our repair shop at N Stuff Music. Our luthiers know the ins and outs of all things guitar and are eager to answer your questions and help repair and maintain your axes so they are top performance shape.

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