About Next Door Café

The Story Behind a Dream

N Stuff Music has been lucky to survive in Pittsburgh for many years (over 50, to be exact), but we knew that we wanted to branch out and focus on more than just the sales side of the music industry. That is why two years ago we decided to expand our offering of lessons and we created the Little Lesson House, taking our experienced teachers and willing students out of the basement and into the freshly renovated house next-door. But we were not done there...

It was always a dream of ours to break through the walls of the shop and into the building Next Door. Our goal was to create a live music venue built by musicians, for musicians. It took over a year to achieve this goal, but at the beginning of 2020 dreams finally became a reality and the Next Door Café (NDC) was completed. There were a few test-runs with some local bands and things were getting exciting. Then Covid-19 hit, and it hit hard. With limits put on the amount of people allowed to gather indoors, the future of the NDC became unknown.

We knew that we couldn’t leave this space vacant just waiting on the unknown. So we transformed our NDC into a state-of-the-art LIVE video streaming production suite to take advantage of the space but also follow all of the social distancing guidelines currently required.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best school orchestras in the state, so we expanded our lesson program offerings by hiring a strings teacher to round out our extensive roster of instructors.

NSM and the NDC will be hosting a BEHIND THE MUSIC CHARITY SERIES consisting of live streams with local bands and artists performing to an empty room, but with a fully produced, multi-camera live concert. These performances will be broadcasted during Store hours to our very own N Stuff Music YouTube channel, currently with over 50 million views and almost 50 thousand subscribers. Each performance streamed will have a DONATE button for a local charity. We are hoping to reach out to our vast community of musicians and music lovers to spread some good vibes and lend a helping hand to our local community in the time of need.

TOGETHER we can get through this, and we will.