Left-Handed Grade 1 Guitar Method

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For decades, guitar students and teachers alike have struggled with the idea of left-handed individuals playing right-handed. Now that the idea of letting the dominant hand rule is widely accepted as the best course of action, here at last is a proven method for the left-handed guitarist, in an expanded edition!


The Modern Guitar Method, Grade 1/Expanded Edition provides valuable enhancement to the world's most popular guitar method. This comprehensive spiral-bound volume doubles the quantity of studies and solos presented. Every new concept is reinforced by numerous pages of fresh study material. In addition, every note contained in the original Modern Guitar Method, Grade 1 is included and supported by additional playing material. Available as a book only, book/2CD or deluxe book/CD/DVD set.


Expands entire content of the original Modern Guitar Method, Grade 1


  • Doubles the amount of study and solo material
  • CD and DVD edition available.
  • Spiral bound for durability and reading convenience
  • Provides a solid foundation for the left-handed guitar student

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