Marshall DSL100H Tube Guitar Amp Head

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The new DSL all valve series Based on the critically acclaimed and best selling JCM2000 DSL100 head, we are proud to announce four brand-new, great sounding and suprisingly affordable, all-valve Dual Super Lead (DSL) amps.
The all-valve Marshall DSL100H's (4 x ECC83, 4 x EL34) twin-channel monster has the same exact valve compliment and feature set as the iconic DSL100, with the following upgrades: 1.) A Resonance control as opposed to the orginal's fixed Deep switch - giving you total control of exactly how much low-end "girth" you ant to add. 2.) Studio quality, digital Reverb instead of spring. 3.) Rear panel Pentode/Triode switch that drops the amp's output to 50 Watts. 4.) Supplied 2 Way footswitch for channel switching and Reverb on/off.

Features and Specifications:
Output Power 100 Watts of All-Tube, Bone-crunching Marshall Goodness!!
Channels 2; Classic Gain - which includes Clean and Crunch Modes
Ultra Gain - which includes Lead 1 and Lead 2 Modes
EQ Matrix Bass, Middle, Treble & Presence
Dimensions (HWD) 29.2" x 10.8" x 9.6"
Weight 53.5 lbs

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