3rd Power British Dream MKII - 40/50 Watt Guitar Head - Tuxedo

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3rd Power's BRITISH DREAM amplifier represents Jamie's take on what a modern interpretation of a vintage amplifier should be. It possesses the soul and fire of these legendary vintage amplifiers but now with modern features and a rejuvinated design. You'll be amazed by BRITISH DREAMS's crisp performance with superior precision, consistency and beauty.

authentic British tones under one roof:
Inspired by our favorite amplifiers from England, the British Dream MKII features a comprehensive AC experience on channel one and a classic Plexi experience on channel two.

AC Channel:
Four different vintage AC preamp voices plus a mid boost/cut switch are provided, including Normal, Brilliance, Top Boost 1 and Top Boost 2 - even a Top Cut control is on hand to fine-tune your tone.

PLEXI Channel:
The BRITISH DREAM MKII's dual 12AX7 preamp and tone stack circuitry featuring Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls faithfully deliver an authentic plexi experience that leans toward a late '68 plexi with an excellent balance of tone, attitude and grit. More signal gain can be added to the audio path via toggle switch to push your tone over the top.

Tube or Solid State Rectification:
For the ultimate experience in the "feel" department, we built in two rectifier tube sockets that are controlled via toggle switch. Choose between various tube rectifiers or even a solid-state rectifier adapter and easily toggle between whichever you prefer.

HybridMASTER Volume Control:
HybridMASTER and the Venue Switch are located on the front panel giving you the confidence to play what you feel when you feel it at exactly the volume you need for the occasion. Think of the Venue Switch as a "macro" volume adjustment - choose between full volume (Stage Mode) or an 80% volume reduction (Studio Mode) - and the HybridMASTER knob as a "micro" volume adjustment allowing you to fine tune your output levels. Our patented HybridMASTER is volume management executed to perfection.

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3rd Power

We take great pride in every instrument that we sell. We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to insure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.

Model Name: British Dream MKII
Power: Class AB, 40 Watts (tube rectified), ~50 Watts (solid state rectified)
Power Tubes: Mullard Reissue EL34 x 2 as standard
Preamp Tubes: V1: JJ Electronics EF806, V2-V3: ECC83S, V4: Sovtek 12AX7 LPS
AC Channel Controls: Volume, AC Preamp Mode Selector (Normal/Brilliance/TopBoost1&2), Top Cut
Plexi Channel Controls: Volume, Gain Boost Switch, Treble, Middle, Bass
Other Controls & Features: Presence, Stage/Studio Output Mode Switch (Stage Mode = 100% output, Studio Mode = 20% output), HybridMASTER Level Control for Fine Tuning Output Level, Insert-style FX Loop. Options: Citizen Loop (tube buffered pedal optimized FX loop from the Dual Citizen model), Dual Mode Tube-driven Spring Reverb, 112 Combo Version
Weight: 29 lbs.
Case Composition: 5/8" Birch
Speaker Outputs: 1 x 16, 2 x 8 and 2 x 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs
Dimensions: 24" x 10.5" x 9.33"
Operating Voltage: 120V is standard. Export 240V and other mains voltages are available
Standby Switch Features: Middle Position: Standby Mode, Up Position: Rectifier 1, Down Position: Rectifier 2
Rectifier Tube Sockets: Two Rectifier Tube Sockets: Socket 1 Loaded with Solid State Retifier Plug, Socket 2 Loaded with GZ34 Rectifier Tube

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