Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 - 250 Watt Bass Head - Black Crinkle

Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 - 250 Watt Bass Head - Black Crinkle

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The Bass ProdigyTM Four:88 is the next step in the MESA® Tube Bass Amp Bloodline! Vastly improved Tone, features, dial-ability, portability, packaging and control over the entire spectrum make the PRODIGYTM an iconic step forward in Bass amplification. With an all-new tube preamp, a 5-position Rotary VOICE Selector, Multi-WattTM 2-Way Selectable Power, Footswitchable SOLO and VOICE control (optional footswitch required), Rear Tuner Outputs, and an all new, high output power section utilizing four KT-88s – the PRODIGY is THE tube Bass Amplifier for the new millenium.

The compact Prodigy weighs in at 29 pounds, standing 7 1/2 inches tall, 16 1/4 inches wide with a depth of 9 1/2”. Power comes from an all tube power amp & preamp featuring 4xKT-88 Power Tubes & 3x12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Class A/B, Multi-WattTM Power Amp provides two power options via a Full/Half Power Switch. Choose from 4 power tubes, producing 250 Tube-Watts* (“Sounds like in excess of 500”) or 2 tubes, producing 125 Tube-Watts*

The PRODIGY is about the easiest amp on the planet to get a great sound from quickly – and with the VOICE Control – several great sounds.. Just set most of the controls at noon.. and enjoy! From those settings, sweep the VOICE Control from position 1 to 5 and experience what a difference the various MID voicings combined with bass and treble enhancements can provide.

The PRODIGY begins with BRIGHT, NORMAL and ACTIVE INPUT Select choices feeding an all-new tube preamp that borrows subsections from our CARBINETM hybrid architecture. This design allows increased control over a broad spectrum of frequencies and incorporates active BASS and TREBLE controls with increased shaping power - while retaining the sweet, musical blend of our traditional passive MID control. A PULL BOOST feature on the GAIN control provides additional gain in the preamp allowing a progressive sweep from subtle fur at the middle range of the control, on up to aggressive overdrive at the maximum setting. In addition to these we’ve included a reworked-for-tubes version of the CARBINE’s 5-position rotary VOICE feature that allows notching or enhancement of specific midrange regions in addition to bass and treble frequency boosting. The VOICE feature puts you instantly in iconic stylistic realms – from elastic, mid-scooped Thumbing to articulate, mid-flat Fingerstyle, to the Classic metallic, scooped American Pick sound – with a flick of a switch. The ability to jump right to these classic “curves” makes re-voicing on the fly in performance situations a snap. This VOICE feature is also footswitchable (optional footswitch required) and adds immensely to the PRODIGY’s versatility.

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Mesa Boogie

We take great pride in every instrument that we sell. We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to insure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.

Wattage: Multi-WattTM 250 or 125 Tube-Watts (Selectable)
Power Tube Type: Class A/B Tube Power - 4xKT88 Power Tubes
Graphic EQ / Reverb / FX / Solo: Active Bass & Treble, Passive Mid and 5-Position Active Voice Switch
Footswitchable Functions: Voice, Solo, FX Loop & Mute (Footswitch Sold Separately)
Weight: 29 Lbs.
Dimensions: 7 1/2" H x 16 1/4" W x 9 1/2" D

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