Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module *USED*


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Yamaha DTX700 Electronic Drum Module *USED*
*Good Condition - Includes Mounting Bracket & Stand*

The Yamaha DTX700 electronic drum trigger module contains a selection 1,268 acoustic drum sounds taken from Yamaha's massive inventory of legendary drums. A bank of 128 high-quality instrument voices is also included, many gleaned from Yamaha's popular MOTIF XF synthesizer. An onboard mixer makes setting kick, snare, tom, cymbal, hi-hat, and click levels easy. Effortlessly connect the DTX700 to your computer, record MIDI into your DAW, and play it back using your favorite virtual drum software, or load your own samples into the DTX700 from a USB flash drive, edit them, and assign them to drum pads. The Yamaha DTX700 is a feature-packed trigger module!

Legendary drum sounds provide a realistic drumming experience With 1,396 sounds onboard, the Yamaha DTX700 won't leave you wanting. The included 1,268 acoustic drum sounds feature an array of Yamaha's legendary drums, such as the Oak Custom series, as well as percussion and effect sounds. These sounds are amazingly detailed - right down to the snare buzz and tom resonance. You also get 128 instrument voices, many acquired directly from Yamaha's celebrated MOTIF XF synthesizer. Combine the DTX700's superb sounds with the amazing feel of Yamaha's DTX-Pads, then prepare yourself for an incredibly realistic, expressive drumming experience.

Create your own custom electronic drum kit:
Although the Yamaha DTX700 provides you with 1,396 top-quality sounds, there may be times where you want to use your own samples. Well, the DTX700 makes it easy. Simply connect a USB flash drive, load your samples, edit them, and assign them to your drum pads. At Sweetwater, we've used everything from custom drum samples to wild sound effects to create one-of-a-kind e-drum kits.

Record MIDI data to your computer for virtual drum playback:
Connect the Yamaha DTX700 to your computer via USB, and you can record MIDI data directly into your DAW. Doing this lets you play your drum performance back using your favorite virtual drum software. Does your home studio have not-so-perfect acoustics? No problem. The DTX700, along with your drum virtual instrument, makes it sound like you recorded in a top-notch pro studio!

-1,396 voices include 1,268 acoustic drum sounds and 128 instrument voices
-Acoustic drum sounds were taken from Yamaha's inventory of legendary drums
-Instrument voices include sounds taken from Yamaha's MOTIF XF synthesizer
-Onboard mixer makes setting kick, snare, tom, cymbal, hi-hat, and click levels easy
-Load your own samples from a USB flash drive to create a custom e-drum kit
-Record MIDI into your DAW and play it back using your favorite virtual drum software

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