N Stuff Music Presents Madden Klass & Dimitri Fantini Drum Clinic w/Space Junk Is Forever & Maru Martinez

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N Stuff Music proudly presents Madden Klass & Dimitri Fantini Drum Clinic w/Space Junk Is Forever & Maru Martinez - October 25th - 6-8pm
Next Door Music Cafe @ N Stuff Music
462 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh PA 15238

Please join us on Monday, October 25th for a truly one-of-a-kind musical event. Madden and Dimitri will be accompanied on stage by the Connecticut-based progressive rock organ trio Space Junk is Forever and Maryland-based guitar virtuoso Maru Martinez. The event will feature a special performance from each artist and an intimate Q&A session following each performance. Doors open at 5:00 PM with the event starting at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $20 in advance and at the door.


Madden Klass:
Named one of the world’s best female drummers by Drum! Magazine, New York-based drummer Madden Klass has been taking the drumming world by storm. She has found success playing alongside Mike Doughty and Wheatus as well as cultivating her own sound with Space Junk is Forever and Allison Ponthier. In 2019, Madden stepped away from her studies at Berklee College of Music to take on the demanding opportunity of being the sole drummer for the Mike Doughty/Wheatus North American tour. She performed the acclaimed Soul Coughing record Ruby Vroom as well as the Wheatus opening set, which encompassed a repertoire loaded with nuanced grooves. She has continued her endeavors supporting Mike Doughty on his latest release, Ghost of Vroom 2 (September 2020). Lately, Madden has focused on capturing and polishing her drum sounds from her home studio, allowing her to take on new projects and continue exploring her artist identity. In the last year, she can be heard playing alongside a new group called Mæges, as well as the upcoming Space Junk is Forever full length, and can be seen performing on tour with Allison Ponthier. Additionally, she has found success in the drum community gathering more than 70K followers through curating content on Instagram.

Madden is currently endorsed by Meinl Cymbals, Ludwig Drums and Vic Firth sticks, TNR Products, and Snare Weight, Rim Riser, and Big Fat Snare Drum.

Dimitri Fantini:
Dimitri was given a set of drums for his first birthday, and that’s when his musical journey began. Initially, he was self taught, playing along to records until the age of eleven when he began studying with Woody Sutton, who was a student of Chester Thompson—best known as the drummer for Genesis and Phil Collins. The knowledge Woody passed on helped Dimitri to build a foundation of technique, independence, and musicality on the drums. He went on to study percussion, piano, and music theory at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, Delaware, one of the most selective public schools in the United States. After graduating Dimitri focused on studio recording, engineering, and composition, perfecting his craft both on and off the drum kit. Today, Dimitri can be found performing and recording in a wide variety of situations, all drawing on his lifetime of musical experience. You can find him in pop and R&B settings playing festivals and touring with Sarah Paige, Lauren Ruth Ward, and Liz Vice, in fusion and improvisational settings with his own duo Smile and Wave, and producing and collaborating on music with a wide variety of artists at Red Bridge Studios.

Space Junk is Forever:
Like many bands, Space Junk is Forever emerged from a basement where most of the band’s material was casually written and multi-tracked by Hammond organist Jordan Holt starting in 2013. “At first I had no intention of forming a band for these songs. It was a dream I thought I had killed off, but the bug came back and I just had to do it.”

In 2016, Jordan met classical pianist/composer, Claude Garoute, and the two began arranging and practicing tunes in Holt’s basement using only Hammond Organ, Rhodes piano, and 2 Moogs.

After auditioning Madden Klass on drums in late 2017, the band began to record their debut self titled record, Space Junk is Forever. It was recorded live with all 3 members, and paired with “Live Tracking Video Sessions” that are available online. This was our first true labor of love as SJIF.

During the fall of 2018, Jordan and Madden continued to jam extensively which helped hone their musical relationship and further create content to build an online presence. The resulting videos received surprise attention on social media. The numbers began to spike during this time and awareness spread around the musician world.

“I was suddenly very busy mailing out vinyl copies of our first record and keeping up with online sales”, explains Holt. “Those videos really helped to jump start interest in us, but we still didn’t feel like we were ready to take it live. The pressure was on to get it just right.” Instead, a second album, SJF2 was recorded.

Shortly after, good friends/former bandmates, bassist David Palan and guitarist Matt Vigna, were called in for live shows. With the arrangements and sounds now flushed out, live shows commenced late spring 2019.

Since then the band has performed at noteworthy clubs and festivals in New England, NYC, upstate New York, Detroit, and Chicago. Performances at Disc Jam Festival and at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC stand out as highlights.

Maru Martinez:
Originally hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay, Maru Martinez began playing guitar at age 14 and began composing, recording, and producing her own music shortly thereafter. She studied film at DePaul University, concentrating her studies in sound design and composition. When she isn’t touring or performing she can be found teaching private guitar lessons, or doing session work.

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